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Impreza_aL 05-10-14 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by gtrob (Post 16745873)
These low stems/bars are making my back hurt.

if i can do it anyone can do it!

queerpunk 05-21-14 10:48 AM

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Opening night tomorrow. Much excite.

Huskey 06-10-14 08:13 PM

Here's my current training setup. My racing setup is the same but with a set of campag Pistas.

Dalai 06-11-14 05:59 AM

Nice Huskey! Don't recognise the track, where in AU are you?

Huskey 06-11-14 06:12 AM

Townsville, QLD

Dalai 06-11-14 06:20 AM

Sweet. Never raced that far North... What is the racing scene like?

Huskey 06-11-14 07:29 AM

Where abouts are you from?

Atm it's a bit dead at the club level with seniors. Absolutely exploding with juniors in the last few months. Had about 20 kids join in the last few months. As for state wide racing... It's good at times, some years it dies down and other years it picks up a bit. Nothing like much further down south though, we just don't have the population I guess.

bliorg 06-11-14 08:09 AM

Almost embarassed to post this, can't compete with the machines in this thread, but it's mine.
Miyata Pista... by Scott --, on Flickr

1985 Miyata Pista, kind of a long-term (29 year) project. Bought when I worked at Alfred E. Bike in my teens, and had dreams of track glory fueled by Nelson Vails. But I didn't live anywhere near a track. The bike's seen almost no use whatsoever, and is completely stock (except those hideous Looks, which are gone). Anyway, fast forward a couple decades: Older, heavier, decidedly out of shape. But I live 45 minutes from Trexlertown. It's a goal now to do some restoration on the bike - new saddle, tires, pedals - and get to a training course.

Sorry for the bad picture. Hopefully better ones to come soon.


Impreza_aL 06-11-14 09:47 AM

^ dig it! i plan to race steel next year.

8bits 06-11-14 12:15 PM

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TT Setup, I need to lower the bar but the FSA spacer is getting in my way :notamused:

Dalai 06-12-14 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by Huskey (Post 16841121)
Where abouts are you from?

I'm in Melbourne. We have year around racing Tuesday and Thursday nights plus outdoors in summer - numbers are also good in juniors but unfortunately not so great in the Senior ranks unless a bigger event...

Love the Miyata bliorg! :thumb:

I may have organised a very nice replacement for my dead Fuji... :innocent: Photos to come once I can drive again (still in a sling. I see the surgeon in 10 days with another x-ray hoping to be given the nod to remove) to be able to pick it up and then build it up.

Brian Ratliff 06-12-14 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by 8bits (Post 16842190)
TT Setup, I need to lower the bar but the FSA spacer is getting in my way :notamused:

It's relatively easy to get a new top cap for the headset... Or, if it is a temporary setup, you can just get rid of the top cap altogether; either put the stem directly against the headset or use a spacer in between.

theblackbullet 06-26-14 11:01 AM

Picked up my new frame yesterday. Already doing some work with it taking the omnium last night including a win in the tempo race!


Impreza_aL 06-26-14 11:29 AM

^ looks dope. i'm looking for a steel bike for next year.

that last pic makes it seem like you have t-rex arms.

bliorg 06-28-14 01:41 PM Miyata Pista by Scott --, on Flickr

Resto finished, save for some toe clips I neither need nor want yet. Stock, except the Conti Sprinters, fizik bar tape, and the swapped-out Felt saddle. Still have the stock Ariake Jaguar II saddle, but felt like an upgrade was warranted. Shot on 4x5 Arista.EDU with an ICA Niklas petzval. Time to get on the track!

Velocirapture 07-01-14 04:06 AM

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Only a bike-part, but just arrived! Really looking forward to getting onto the track this week to try it out :-)

Dalai 07-01-14 06:00 AM

Nice. Must be the week for bars... Just received my 3T Scattos which will go on the new bike. Unfortunately the surgeon still wants me off a bike another 5 weeks at least, so won't be able to test them any time soon. :(

Dalai 07-09-14 07:31 AM

Unfortunately my 08 Fuji Track Pro didn't escape unscathed when I broke my collarbone and was written off with a cracked top tube! Though not back riding yet, I couldn't pass up on buying this frame as it is in pristine condition.

Once built up I'll post another photo... :)

gtrob 07-09-14 08:08 AM

^ Nice! I want one!

Baby Puke 07-09-14 11:10 AM


Velocirapture 07-09-14 12:24 PM

very nice! Going to look great with your Scattos :)

gtrob 07-21-14 08:06 AM

New wheels built, can't wait to ride them

Cen 08-03-14 11:14 AM

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I need your imagination for this one... a few "key" components have not arrived yet.

I'm on the opposite end of the build as Dalai :P
Ellipses, Nitto B125 steel, SRAM Omnium, Superstar cog, Izumi V, PD-R540 pedals

gl98115 08-03-14 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by Cen (Post 17001659)

Your frame looks more stealthy than Dalai's.

carleton 08-03-14 05:04 PM


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