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Flow 01-26-14 09:43 PM

Pics from 6 Days Bremen '14

Wanted to share some of the shots I took at the 2014 ‘6 Days Bremen’ race in Germany. This was their 50th, and my 1st 6 day race. It was quite an experience, lots of food, beer, music, beer and drunk people, luckily all that was going down in other halls, not the velodrome area. Well actually, there was a lot of music in the velodrome, including live performances on a stage in the inner ring, along with some colourful light shows. There were 12 teams of 2 for the main event, 6 riders for some sprint races, 12 teams of 2 for the UIV Cup (Union International des Velodromes), 12 women riders and 2 teams of 2 for the paracycling race. I put 23 of my favourite shots here, here’s a link to the full album of 60 pictures; My set on Flickr
Leif Lampater & Wim Stroetinga at the sign-in on the first day. They won the overall race in the end;
Jesper Mørkøv of Denmark slinging Andreas Graf of Austria;
Christian Grasmann (l) of Germany about to get slung by Vivien Brisse (r) of France;
Germain Burton of England. UIV Cup;
Jan Kraus of the Czech Republic cooling down;
Robert Bartko (bottom of frame), Martin Blaha & Christian Grasmann;
Milan Kadlec of the Czech Republic, Madison slinging Nico Heßlich of Germany;
Amongst the dernies;
Derny race;

Flow 01-26-14 09:45 PM

The mechanics and riders are set up at the ends of the track, above them on this side is a V.I.P. bar, you can also see the V.I.P. seating area. Out of view is the general admission standing area and the stage;
Vivien Brisse & Christian Grasmann and Marcel Barth & Erik Mohs in mid-sling;
Christian Grasmann, Milan Kadlec & Sebastian Wotschke (in yellow);
Photo finish screen;
Amalie Dideriksen of Denmark and friend warming up;
Julie Leth in front of Amalie Dideriksen, both from Denmark;
Marcel Kalz and Christian Veith during the paracycling tandem race;
The back wheels of Marcel Kalz & Christian Veith’s (l) and Erik Mohs & Tim Kleinwächter’s (r) bikes after the paracycling tandem race;
This was the retirement ceremony for Franco Marvulli of Switzerland;
Some of the sprinters; #1 Philipp Thiele, #5 Matt Rotherham & #3 Maximilian Dörnbach;

Flow 01-26-14 09:46 PM

Didier Caspers of the Netherlands’ Koga bike;
Marcel Kalz;
Marcel Kalz after winning a derny race;


Six jours 01-26-14 10:33 PM

Great shots.

Funny, the first thing that grabbed me was how clear the air is. In my day it seemed like every single spectator had a cigarette, pipe, or cigar going. I still can't walk into an indoor velodrome without getting a nicotine jones.

AlexTaylor 01-27-14 02:59 AM

Great shots!

Germaine Burton has a big future ahead of him. At 16 he won one of the biggest hill climbs in the uk, beating some VERY good specialist climbers.

Dalai 01-27-14 03:38 AM

Nice. Thanks for posting!

queerpunk 01-27-14 07:15 AM

Lovely photos. I love sixes, and really enjoy some of the behind-the-scenes photos of riders and their gear.

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