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AlexTaylor 02-12-14 02:05 AM

SA Rider Jeanne Nell dies at meet
Woke up to find out that Jeanne Nell, the South African Team Sprint and Keirin champ, died on the track last night, no news yet of what happened.
Tragic and always a stark reminder to seize the day.

Velocirapture 02-12-14 06:50 AM

I was there, at the meet.
It was horrific. It is horrific. His girlfriend was also there. I cannot get the imagery out of my head.

It was our first league race of the year. Elite men's Keirin, and four of our top guys (two National Squad riders who were in Manchester in October, including Nell, and a Junior who was raced Junior worlds, plus one other) were literally four abreast going down the back straight and through the turn. gonig into turn four, the outermost rider pulled ahead. Hard to say what happens next, but Jeanne Nell and the rider below him touched, and both went down hard. Sparks sprayed (concrete track) and Jeanne ragdolled down to the blue.

And that is what happened.

I wont go into the next 45 min.

People, appreciate each moment. smell the roses. wear your helmet.
He was only 30.

AlexTaylor 02-12-14 08:36 AM


queerpunk 02-12-14 08:48 AM

How awful.

zizou 02-12-14 08:52 AM

Sad news RIP

carleton 02-12-14 11:12 AM

This is so sad. My condolences to his friends and family.

Velocirapture 02-12-14 03:46 PM

A video has been posted to you tube in his memory.

our boy. such a loss: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.n...20261967_n.jpg

JMR 02-12-14 07:22 PM

Very sad... ride in peace friend.


Racer Ex 02-12-14 08:15 PM

I've spent a lifetime around two wheeled sports, motorized or human driven. The carnage is the one thing that's pushed me away at certain points of my life. I've been there Velocirapture, more than once. You take care.

Velocirapture 02-13-14 01:11 AM

Thanks Racer Ex

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