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carleton 04-10-14 11:40 AM

2014 UCI Paracycling Track World Championships
I don't know where the live results are, but there is lots of info here: Follow the 2014 Para-cycling Track World Championships | Unofficial Unsanctioned Women's UCI Cycling Blog

Good Luck Jody (jods)!

carleton 04-11-14 04:21 PM

I'm still looking for results.

Lots of photos here:

carleton 04-11-14 04:24 PM

Results are here: Union Cycliste Internationale

You have to dig a bit to see them.

carleton 04-13-14 11:19 AM

Resulted in one screen: Union Cycliste Internationale

jods 04-19-14 06:02 PM

Cheers Carleton, Mexico had it's ups and downs, but this was certainly my high point.

Amazingly the UCI have no usable footage from Mexico, if you can believe that. Anyway here's the footage my dad took of my kilo.

Quinn8it 04-19-14 06:07 PM

inspiring ride!

Dalai 04-19-14 07:25 PM

Awesome jods. Congratulations on the win!

Baby Puke 04-19-14 09:49 PM

Wow, that is awesome!

carleton 04-19-14 11:40 PM

Congrats, man!

You make it look soooo easy:

You didn't move more than a few cm from the black line the whole ride!

jods 04-20-14 03:07 AM

Thanks Carleton, I have to say without doubt it's the nicest track I've ridden on, easy to hold the perfect line, even at speed.
I think if it was anywhere in the world, it would be the fastest track, the fact it's at nearly 1900m makes it even quicker! The transitions are so nice, and the I've never known a track so grippy, other than a tarmac outdoor track, you can go ridiculously slow around the top of the banking. It's so solid too, even the Tandems didn't make it creak or make a sound.
As easy as it looks, it is one of the most horrible kilos I've ridden, it was 42C or 108F, and that when you're flat out that's not pleasant, it's like hyperventilating with a hairdryer blowing in your face!

Velocirapture 04-20-14 09:11 AM

what an awesome ride!

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