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GleepGloop 05-09-14 08:40 PM

Newbie looking for a new track bike
Hey guys! I'm kinda new, and currently own a road bike. I am trying to go car free for now, and my part time job (Im 14) is bike deliveries. I enjoy road cycling but only have a cheap entry level road bike, and would like to look into competitive track cycling. I see cheap track bikes that are great, but I don't want to drive to new south wales just because the owners can'tbe bothered shipping to victoria. Maybe some recommendations on a cheap track bike in Australia or with cheap shipping, as I'd prefer not to pay $200 in shipping to get something from America. I already know about Just Ride It... If you don't know about them then take a look.
Custom and Fixed gear bikes shop in Australia - justrideit
Also I would prefer something under $400, as my parents aren't helping with this purchase, and I don't even have $50 yet.
Thanks in advance :D

Zero Talent 05-09-14 09:42 PM

Australia is a big track cycling nation. I would say find a velodrome and ask around about diffferent swap meets. The possibility of getting a better track bike for the money is almost for certain.

Dalai 05-09-14 10:35 PM

I'm a Melbourne racer so welcome! :thumb:

Don't even consider justrideit bikes if you want to race!

For well priced used track bikes (far better than new ones listed above) join up the following FB pages:

Australia wide = Bicycle Market
Victoria = Buy/sell road cycling Victoria
Australia wide = Track Cycling Marketplace and news

Plus check local gumtree ads.

What size bike are you riding (top tube length)? A number of Hillbricks and others around the price you are after listed recently on the fb pages which would be perfect for starting on. In regards to shipping, enough cheaper carriers like, and grehound freight for interstate buys if nothing local.

Are you with a club yet? Worthwhile asking around there if you are, as many bikes get sold between members direct when riders outgrow their bikes.

If not a member yet, consider which club to join as some clubs have good junior track programs and have club bikes you can use for initial training sessions before you start racing. So don't let not having a bike at this time stop you from starting racing.

Feel free to ask questions about the local clubs and scene, as I race track year round as well as road, time trials plus CX...

GleepGloop 05-09-14 11:30 PM

My closest valedrome is Caulfield, but I've never set foot in one before. I'm currently riding what Reid call a Medium fit, though Im about 5' 9" tall and still growing. I found an Avanti Pista on bike exchange for $550, but it's from NSW, and the sellers won't ship. Is the cheap Avanti Pista a decent bike? I can sprint pretty fast (50kph) on my 10 kg road bike, so that's my strongest area. Any bike that you would recommend?

Dalai 05-10-14 12:37 AM

Not sure of Carnegie Caulfield CC junior program - contact then to find out about club bikes and their training program Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club

I am a member of Blackburn CC. Through summer we have introduction - beginner training sessions weekday evenings plus racing ever Saturday afternoons. We have a number of club bikes to use for training and racing Blackburn Cycling Club - Home Page

The Avanti pista would be a good starter bike, as the Hillbrick I already mentioned. No point spending big $$ as you will soon outgrow what you buy. Hard to tell exactly what size you are on as Reid don't display a geomerty chart. Think it may be a 54cm tt. There was recently a 54cm Avanti Pista for $300 on FB, so if you aren't in a rush will find a good bike in your price range.

Main thing to check for when shopping is that the cranks are 144BCD cranks. As over time you will need to buy additional front chainrings and 144BCD is standard.

GleepGloop 05-10-14 03:19 AM

Thanks :)

700wheel 05-31-14 01:13 PM

Before you buy a track bike check to see if your nearest velodrome(s) offer classes with rental bikes. Then you will learn what size bike fits you and what to look for. Not to mention that many velodromes have a "For Sale" notice board.

brawlo 06-01-14 11:04 PM

Don't forget feabay too. Fuji Track Bike Fixie in South Melbourne, VIC | eBay

I bought my first track bike from Melbourne and it was $120 shipped up here to NSW. It cost me only $50 to send that frame up to QLD a couple of years ago with TOLL. They're actually pretty competitive.

There should be plenty of bikes floating around your market in and around Melbourne with fixie riders and track riders being fairly prolific. If you're not in an absolute hurry, you'd be better off spending an extra $100 on something slightly better in VIC rather than shipping something from interstate. There's bargains out there if you can wait.

Remember you can always come here or many other places for help with value of bikes/bits if you need it.

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