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mcafiero 06-30-14 08:40 PM

10-lap scratch practice race
Here's a practice race that we had yesterday. Yes, I lost to a girl. haha. Posting this 1. For a fun watch of the brand new track in Erie. 2. Anything stick out from what you can see, errors in my riding?

And for the loss on that final sprint: I stopped pedaling after the 4th turn until I saw the girl in my peripheral vision. I went from 85% to 80%, when I should have gone from 90% to 100%. But then it was too late, so lesson learned was, never assume you're done until you're done. I didn't even know she was on my wheel. So I guess you could also say "Always be aware".

rm -rf 06-30-14 09:46 PM

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I liked the video. Aside from the racing, the extreme wide angle, white track & blue sky was an interesting composition. Looks like fun!

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