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salmonchild 03-29-05 01:37 PM

Good Friday Meet @ Herne Hill London Pics
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howdy, just a few pictures from the last race at the good friday meet at herne hill. my first trip to a track meet and very exciting. sorry about the ouny size but i'm rather carp at resizing things and meeting limits.

fixedpip 03-30-05 01:31 PM

Thanks for the pics.

Is Herne Hill back open? Last I heard it had been closed due to a dispute with landlord. Has everything been resolved?

salmonchild 03-31-05 10:48 AM

nope still officially closed. they were granted a one day licence for the meet. in fact i was introduced to the guy who is working to have it re-opened he should call me sometime soon and i;ll try to offer what help i can to the campaign.

Iffacus 03-31-05 03:23 PM

some more photos here 04-26-11 12:00 PM

Good Friday in Herne hill in pictures, 22.4.2011
Photos from Good friday 2011 on www.vjfoto.com

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