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Laju 04-13-05 06:57 AM

new to cycling...what track bike to get?
so i have a road bike but i just got it about half a year ago and i would like to get into track racing. Any tips?

Hawkear 04-13-05 09:15 AM

You could check out your local velodrome, and see if they offer introductory classes. Usually you can rent a bike there for the class.

fixedpip 04-13-05 04:41 PM

Third the idea. My local track has a great selection of rental bikes from Pistas, vintage lugged steel and custom handmade rides.

I wouldn't buy a bike until you've gotten a few beginner sessions so you'll have a good idea of what you're looking for and how often you're really going to get down there.

Generally found the instructors were very helpful; plenty of gear suggestions for beginner riders.

bikejack 04-19-05 09:08 PM

All good advice, go to the Track first and have a ride. Someone will usually check you out for size which will help before you buy anything.

Sizing and geometry is more critical to position on Track bikes and the size ends up a bit different than your road bike.

Smorgasbord 04-20-05 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by Walkercycles
Thats a great idea. Usually the tracks have a "stable" of steeds to choose from. this also helps in determining what you are comfortable with in regards to size and alot of the tracks have a few different brand names. ride as many as you can to help determine your level of comfort and performance.
Keep us posted!


There's even a Don Walker (top tube says "Stealthworks") at Hellyer.

Smorgasbord 04-22-05 01:39 AM

I'll see what I can do. It's blue and white, blue wishbone rear fork, stealthworks in the computer/check routing font. The other time, someone was complaining how they had a lousy second hand rental (your bike) and not one of the newer Bianchis. His friend agreed and complained about his as well (a beautiful chromed Paramount with Nervex lugs). Kids these days...can't appreciate anything.

Smorgasbord 04-22-05 12:58 PM

Yes, unfortunately the top tube seems a bit long for me, so I don't get to ride it. I got stuck on one of those lousy Bianchis...

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