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Old 04-24-05, 06:23 PM   #1
Violently Happy
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Butt, and Wrists/Forearms

Ok I'm normally a runner going anywhere from 3-6 miles a day and have been for nearly 4 years.

So I decide biking couldn't hurt and looked in to mountain biking. Considering there are tons of areas to train/ride here in Austin I figured what the heck. This is a good alternative to running and soon I'll be taking up swimming varying each exercise from day to day. I do the normal gym thing and go almost every day but haven't for the past week.

So, I buy the helmet a bike Novara Bonanza thinking it'd be alright. After picking up some running socks and shorts I leave the store anticipating my next days ride.

I haven't a clue as to how far I should go but remember doing a few miles before I started running each day. Hell, if I can run 6-10 miles I can surely bike 20 no?

Well, I went along my normal running route along road and through some ditches. I went well beyond that and biked for nearly two hours. Not pushing myself to hard the entire time but trying to get my heartrate up and breathing stable. Few hills, a little rocky terrain sometimes, and a bit of offroading as much as I could.

The ride was fun, hell it was wonderful having that sort of speed and just going along the countryside seeing all the stuff.


I noticed slight discomfort around my wrists/forearms and would have to extend them every now and then to mitigate that. No after effects from that, but thought I'd ask if anyone knew what the deal was with that?

Now, a day later and after running my normal 5 I feel it. Right around my ass. Yep theres some pain there around the boney part of the ass that seems to be bruised I think. Now I've done some reading and figured it may be the seat height? Or is it that I just went so far my first time out?

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc..?
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I'm glad you had so much fun. When I started cycling, I discovered that part of the pain is just getting accustomed to new equipment and a new form of exercize.

I would try the cheap fixes before I did anything drastic. First, just stick with it and get used to riding. Second, cycling gloves might help with hand and wrist pain, and try wearing cycling shorts for the sore butt. Third, check out your riding position and body mechanics. Vary the position of your hands on the bars and your seat on the saddle, and stand out of the saddle from time to time. Finally, it might be a good idea to get your bike's fit checked by someone who knows what's what.
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I'm a similar story. I have been swimming regularly for years and doing some running. Started to get bored with it so I signed up for three triathlons and bought a road bike. I started off much more gradually than you (due mainly to coming off reconstructive surgery on my ankle) - and started on the spinning bike at the gym. Then I began by riding about 10 miles then 15 then 20 for my rides during the week and recently have started riding 40 on the weekends. Fun stuff.

I used to get pains in my wrists from biking. And my butt would somewhat. Especially after I rode 2 days in a row. No real comfort problems now. I think you'll get over than discomfort stuff.
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I used to have pain in my upper arm. I moved my seat forward on the seat rails and it puts me I'm told closer to the bars. Also, if your bars adjusts up and back like my comfort bike, moving the bars closer to you may help. Check out the fit suggestions on this site, should help you a lot to adjust bike. Also when your pedal is all the way down, you leg should almost be straight, keeping your knee bent slightly. I found that moving my seat up higher took a lot of pain out of my leg muscles. Also like they say you will have to let the muscles that you are now using get used to being used! Working out the soreness may take a few days. Check out this site and look under rider comfort for their recomendations.

Good luck and lots of fun!

If it ain't broke, you ain't trying hard enough! - Red Green
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I ride my bike
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Definitely get some bike shorts!!! baggy mountainbike ones are just the ticket. they have pockets for your stuff and that secret lifesaver shammy-pad inside! your crotch will thank you.

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Crash Dummy
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I used to have the same problem on my hybrid bike. For me, I think the problem was the saddle itself. It has all kinds of padding on the top, but along the outside edges, there's hard plastic with essentially no padding covering it. This plastic is right where the leg joints hit the saddle. Short rides, no problem. But long rides brought pain and agony.

When I bought a proper road bike, I worried that it would hurt even more than my hybrid, but in reality it doesn't. (this was when I "analyzed" the saddle on my hybrid)

I'd say that if your bike saddle keeps hurting you after adjusting it properly and riding for a few weeks, perhaps look into changing the saddle for something that fits you better.

Also, real bike shorts will make a huge difference in comfort. At first, I felt silly wearing them, but after one ride, I was sold. And don't go cheap on them either, get ones with a chamois that will wick away the sweat you'll generate. Cheap ones are like a sponge and no one wants sogginess or chafing going on down there, if you know what I mean.
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