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KingTermite 08-05-05 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by cheebahmunkey
doctor's scales are more accurate (unless it's broken). Is the one you got at Target a digital scale?

It's made by Taylor, and is a dial scale.

Taylor Profession Dial Scale (model #909)

Like I said...I know that if you just stay consistent with the same scale its the same (speaking in relatives).

I can't just waltz into the doctor's office and ask to be weighed....but the scale at work is that same type of scale the doctor's use. However...I don't know if the scales need to be serviced or calibrated once in a while and I'm sure the scales at work have probably been there 20 years and never touched.

why1504 08-05-05 10:12 PM

First off you need to pick 1 scale. You need to weigh with the same clothes when you weigh, and weigh only once a week (I can't do this).

I went to the doctor today. I go every 3 months for zanax for stress, Now my doctor is very sensitive about my weight. He knows I exercise and knows I love to eat. He was very pleased that I had stuck with my lifestyle changes since January and for the first time acknoweleged that I may have a thyroid probelm which is contributing to my weight struggle. It will be interesting when the blood work comes back.

Big Lug 08-06-05 06:48 AM

good luck/job everyone.
Ritz Keep it up bro! Your doing better than most people i know!
Why1504 good luck with that blood work there's benefits either way the results come back. 1. no mediacation and you still ahve ot loose weight
2. there is a problem and you are stuck taking a pill every day for hte rest of your life. but oyu loose weight. Hope it all works out!

Don Gwinn 08-06-05 10:03 PM

Bransom, don't worry, I'm not riding the deathtrap. I've been doing some walking, and recently a small house fire has afforded me many opportunities for carpentry. Let me tell you, when you've dropped a significant amount of weight, you'll start noticing all sorts of situations you never thought about when you started the diet, but which absolutely required it. I've spent the last two days sawing, hammering, ripping and tearing at the top of a 30-foot extension ladder. I HATE tall ladders.
But imagine doing that at 400 pounds!

This morning after breakfast I weighed in at 298.4 lbs. That's the first time I've weighed less than 300 in a LONG time. I think I must have been close to 300, if not over, when I got married five years ago.

Ritz 08-07-05 07:09 AM

Man, I feel for you Don. Ladders aren't my favorite thing either, and I'm at 285 this morning. Peace, Ritz.


bransom 08-07-05 09:02 AM

Damn, that's an optimistic way of looking at a house fire! But congrats on the drop below 300. That's great news. And, um, by the way: I'm with ya on the tall ladder stuff. I hate those things.

Congrats to you, too, Ritz. Keep going!

Meanwhile, I just got back from two weeks on the road and managed to not gain anything, which for me is a success. I'm home for a few weeks (I think) before traveling again which hopefully will give me some time to lose a few pounds.

Don Gwinn 08-07-05 07:02 PM

I was just about to go back out there and put some OSB on the outside, and my pager for the ambulance squad went off. Turned out to be a rescue squad call for a 50-year-old male who fell two stories and broke his arm and leg. :uhoh:

But the more I go up there, the better I get at it.

mugglemomof3 08-08-05 01:19 PM

All of these posts are very inspiring, one way or another!

I'm 35 and have just remembered the great thrill of riding a bike. A couple of weeks ago I started out and couldn't even ride two miles before I died. I'm up to riding my bike to work twice a week (6 miles) and riding the bus home (it's Texas and 102 at 5:00!), and then riding for an hour on Saturday morning. I also follow the Suzanne Somers diet (protein and veggies by itself, starchy carbs by themselves, fruit on an empty stomach, no sugar, no caffeine) and I feel smarter and faster than I have for years! I eat a veggie delight sandwich every lunch (go Jared!) and eat protein and veggies the rest of the day. (I hate fruit!) Anyway - I've lost 10 pounds in three weeks and have gained energy like never before. Plus, my legs are really toning up!

I've got 40 pounds left to go!

Have a question for all you smart people out there . . . If I drink unsweet, de-caf iced tea, is that the same as drinking water? How 'bout regular?

thanks for the companionship on this biking thing. . . all my co-workers think I'm nuts!

joelpalmer 08-08-05 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by KingTermite

I can't just waltz into the doctor's office and ask to be weighed....but the scale at work is that same type of scale the doctor's use. However...I don't know if the scales need to be serviced or calibrated once in a while and I'm sure the scales at work have probably been there 20 years and never touched.

you might be able to get in for a nurse visit - i need a couple of shots for a job and my doc's office was able to fit me in to see the med assist for them on the same day i called, only about an hour after i called in fact. since you dont need to see the doc it's worth a shot, that way you'd know how accurate your new scale is

Don Gwinn 08-08-05 03:22 PM

Some doctors might surprise you, too. Depends on the doctor. Mine told me that any time I wanted to stop in during business hours and use the scale for a minute, I should go ahead. Your doctor wants you to lose fat!

I'm starting wonder what it would cost to do a bodyfat analysis--the full, submerge-me-in-a-tank version. Might be something to do every year or every six months. As I get back into weightlifting it might be interesting.

juf2m 08-08-05 06:34 PM

I posted on the general forum (with pictures) about the weekend I had away with Kirke from this forum....and ALL THE FOOD I ATE!!! :mad: I just can't seem to control myself!!!!


Anyway, I will try to resume good behaviour so that I will get to 135 by mid-September.

bransom 08-08-05 09:26 PM


Unfortunately, water and iced tea aren't quite the same. :-(

Seriously, I know water can seem boring. Personally, I chug water because I know I need to for weight loss -- I drink it fast to get it over with -- but I sip decaf tea because I like it. Funny thing, though: after a couple of years of chugging water, I'm starting to like it more.

recursive 08-09-05 07:30 AM

Me too. I drink water all day, and I love it.

KingTermite 08-09-05 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by juf2m
I posted on the general forum (with pictures) about the weekend I had away with Kirke from this forum....and ALL THE FOOD I ATE!!! :mad: I just can't seem to control myself!!!!


Anyway, I will try to resume good behaviour so that I will get to 135 by mid-September. can lose more weight if you wish....but I, for one, think you looked just fine. :D

I'd be lucky to have a girl so pretty!

juf2m 08-09-05 08:43 AM

Aww! :o Thank you KingTermite, you are a sweetie! :)

KingTermite 08-09-05 08:45 AM


Originally Posted by juf2m
Aww! :o Thank you KingTermite, you are a sweetie! :)

Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody....don't want to lose my rep as the mean [email protected]$$ guy, ya know! ;)

mugglemomof3 08-09-05 08:52 AM

I hear you! I can't tell you how many "deadlines" I've missed. I found an old notebook of mine, one where I used to write down recipies and grocery lists and to-do lists and odds and ends. It was from 1995 and I was finally a stay-at-home mom with my third child. I had this great plan to eat right and exercise all year and finally get rid of those last 25 pounds I had put on while having babies. I jotted down notes all year, and only lost about 10, but I was down to 165.

Well, today is 2005 (10 years later) and I'm at 217! Disgusting! I've been on some great "diets" and lost 10-15-25 lbs, but obviously gain it all back and then some!

But, here goes again. I started riding again 3 weeks ago and have lost 5 pounds but gained a new-found, old passion for riding! I love being on the bike, so maybe, just maybe I'll finally make my goal of 180 by my birthday (December) and keep it off this time, since I'm trying to increase my endurance enough to be able to tour with my boyfriend when we get married, sometime in about 6 years. He's a road racer and rides 40-50-60-70 miles three times a week, etc. Hopefully he'll be the inspiration I need to keep going!

Thanks again for sharing, all of you, it sure helps to know others are in the same predicament!

Snaps to all of you who are losing and never, never, give up. As the Chinese saying goes, Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight! :)

Don Gwinn 08-09-05 11:08 PM

Just keep moving. The rest does almost take care of itself.

I ate a skimpy breakfast this morning, then got called out on an emergency ambulance call that turned into two emergency calls as such things are wont to do--and I had run out of the house without my wallet. I thus skipped lunch and all snacking entirely and, by 2:45 when I finally got home, I'd had maybe 400 calories all day. I try to eat between 1500 and 1800 now, around maintenance for my target of 200 lbs. But I was running really late for a job interview by that time and still needed to shower, shave and change (I hadn't expected to be gone from 10:30 to 2:30 when I left, but they really needed someone to go) so I just grabbed a water and the biggest banana on the bunch on my way out the door. So, maybe I'd had 700 calories by this time, probably not. Essentially I'd had an english muffin, a bite of eggs, a bite of an apple (I had just taken my first bite when the page call came, and I forgot about it when I was looking for my shoes) plus a banana and a whole bunch of water. For the entire day. I was eating like a supermodel and I was STARVING.

But when I called again to remind the interviewer that I'd be running late, they told me she was running late too. She thought nothing of it and ended up offering me the job, making twice what I make now. I start Monday. So there I was, about 800 calories behind on my daily intake just when I really, REALLY wanted to take my wife and kids out for a huge celebration dinner. We went to Friday's (the kids' favorite) and I was able to have a huge plate of barbecued chicken and veggies plus the appetizer without the tiniest shred of guilt. I found I didn't even really want dessert.

I should have bought a lottery ticket.

Oh yeah, and the new job is close enough to commute on a bike and nearly doubles my current income. Let's see. . . . oh yes, here it is:


Busted Crappy Bike + (2)Income + Bike Commute = SHINY NEW BIKE

badgolfer 08-10-05 06:30 AM

Hi guys. I just got into cycling as a commuter and to help me get into better shape. I have been lifting weights and eating a well rounded diet for some time now. However I needed to add some cardio in and biking really appealed to me. Im looking to get down to about 12% bodyfat and stay in that area. I literally just bought a bike this weekend (Giant Cypress) and have taken a couple rides. So far i am loving early AM rides. If any of you are looking for great information and a very supportive and helpful eating and exercise forum check out John Stone also has an amazing story himself. You will see me in there a lot with the same handle and avatar. Maybe ill see some of you over there.

bransom 08-10-05 07:11 AM

Yo, Don Excellent news! Wow, I think you're having a good week ... new job, double the money, can commute by bike. Will you buy me a lottery ticket, too? :beer:

mugglemomof3 08-10-05 08:28 AM

Congratulations Don!!!!!!

Welcome badgolfer and thanks for the link. It's a really great site.

juf2m 08-10-05 08:33 AM

That's great news Don, congrats!

I also have some pretty good news today. I weighed 136.5 this morning! I've lost 10 lbs! More, if you count the brief swing to 152 then 148, before I settled on 146.5 as my starting benchmark!

BMI is now 22.7! :)

Ritz 08-10-05 09:03 AM

Wow! Looks like we're all havin' a great day! Congrats Don and juf2m!

Longhorn 08-10-05 09:03 AM

Congratulations, Don! What a great day that turned out to be! Enjoy your new job and commute! :beer:

Don Gwinn 08-10-05 10:49 PM

Bransom, double what I was making before wouldn't seem like much to a lot of posters here. But it's a fortune to me. I'll be teaching special ed classes in a town of 2,000 people, if that gives you a clue as to the astronomic heights of my newly minted money-pile. ;)

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