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Andy Dreisch 02-04-03 01:29 PM

IowaParamedic, I recall the earlier discussions about the pace of your weight loss. I have no comment except that it is pretty quick, although at first I knocked-off 2-3 pounds a week for a couple weeks.

I didn't have all that much to shed, and I've been doing some upper body exercises which have probably offset some of the weight loss.

IowaParamedic 02-04-03 04:00 PM

Andy, I think the difference is that I began with quite a bit more than you did. I think going from 300 lbs to 250 is much different than 200 to 150 lbs.

Andy Dreisch 02-04-03 04:06 PM

Yup. Agreed, Iowa. Though 200->150 isn't for me!! I have gone from 225->210. I want to level-off at 210, maybe a shade under. Reach a steady state between 205 and 210.

BTW, I also drink GOBS of water. I don't measure it but I've done it for years and years. On a commuting day I'll have (no kidding) probably 10 - 24 oz bottles of H2O.

IowaParamedic 02-16-03 11:53 AM

Ok, today's new update: 233 lbs. only 3 lbs above my inital goal. Total loss 61 lbs.

I had to buy new clothes - down to a 36 waist in jeans.
I had to get my wedding ring resized.
I am picking t-shirts out of my "paint clothes" pile to wear
Everybody notices and says something about how I look. (When someone begins the conversation with "you look great", I look confused and ask "are you hitting on me?")

I went riding last week when it was a little warmer out - I am starting to love climbing hills. I have more control out of the saddle. I am a bag and a half of dog food lighter and what a difference that makes.

bpherson 02-17-03 08:37 PM

Way to go Iowa!! Congrats! It does feel great to lose weight and have people notice. And I'm with's tough to find close that fit right....and not look like they're too big.

Keep up the good work and keep riding........

steversk 03-04-03 12:18 PM

Wow, what inspirational stories. I too have joined the weight loss club. I've lost 40 lbs and I'm now exactly where I want to be. I got the flu about a year ago and lost 10 lbs and that was enough motivation for me to change my diet and exercise. I was already exercising but I've found that I have to also watch my diet...sigh..the days of eating anything are gone. Commuting to work has really helped me keep it off. I was worried about putting on weight this winter but so far, my weight hasn't changed much and I just recently lost the last 5 lbs that have been so stubborn to come off.

I'm now at 15% body fat and 165 lbs. My one gripe is the BMI rating. Every time I calculate my BMI, it puts me in the obese category. It doesn't take into account a person's body stature. I'm short and stalky with very muscular legs so my BMI rating is thrown off.

Keep up the good work everyone! :)

bpherson 03-05-03 10:25 AM

Don't sweat the BMI rating. I was at extreme morbidly obese and after losing my weight I'm still very obese, but I feel a ton better. Your right, it doesn't take into account the fact that your body stature makes a difference.

And I've been saying latly, funny,........I don't feel XX % fat! But I know that I still have a lot to go (about 50 more pounds)

Keep up the good work every one!! I keep reading opur stories and I keep my self motovated (even though sdome days <weeks?> I feel like giving up and eating the cake and cookies!!)

Andy Dreisch 03-05-03 10:47 AM

I think the worry-warts have gotten the better of the BMI ratings and what constitutes "obese". I outrun 20-year-olds in basketball (at age 41) who would blow me off the scale in terms of BMI.

I wish there was a fitness scale, like a weight scale and BMI calculator, that instantly calculates one's "fitness".

In the interim, I'm going to ignore the BMI, measure my body fat by the old pinch method, and continue on the path to between 205-210 in weight.

IowaParamedic 03-05-03 11:25 AM

You guys are awesome!

I am setting a new goal to weight 200 lbs by June 1st. I am down to 223 lbs, so not too far to go. (Sure beats 294)

Water, Water, Water!

My BMI will drop when I hit 220. Then I will merely be overweight.

Andy Dreisch 03-05-03 12:03 PM

Iowa, you're providing just the encouragement I need to hit 200 by June 1st as well. Let's keep track as we slim down. About 3 months to lose 12 pounds sounds about right for me !!!

Sailguy 03-05-03 12:13 PM

What's another challenge?! ;) I'm in. I'll shoot for 15 lbs by June 1st.. which will put me at 190. Still a bit big for me, but its a reasonable goal. I am shooting for 170 by the end of summer.

My weight loss up till now has been rather slow. I can only assume its because I have been adding leg muscles. My waist has gotten smaller. I need to start using my fat calipers and watching that trend.

firebolt 03-05-03 01:25 PM

I think I am eligible to enter the weight loss club.

When I bought my first mountain bike six month ago, I was weak and weighted 185 lbs (5'6''). Now I am at 155 lbs and a little bit stronger. Looking back, I can't believe I've made it. The best part is: now I eat more than before :) (more healthy food, though)

IMHO, if you want to loose weight FAST, you gotta climb mountain, over and over again. Do some easy road riding in between to recover.

I remember the first time I hit one of my local trails (Almaden Quicksilver) six months ago. Right of the bat, it climbs for a good 3 miles. It's not very steep, but it was killing me. I could barely pass the one mile mark, even with many rests along the way. Hikers passed me....Boy, that was embarassing :crash: . But I kept coming back, day after day, week after week. Months later, I could climb to the top, and completed the loop around the park with ease. I am still not as fast as some of the other riders, though, so now I throw in more road ridings to learn fundamentals and increase my long distance endurance.


neguypdx 03-05-03 03:38 PM


along the way. Hikers passed me....Boy, that was embarassing
Yeah, I used to be embarrassed working out because it felt like people were so much more fit than I. However, eventually I got over that. There is only one way to improve and that is to continue with it. Now I can go to the gym and though I am not big and beefy like some of the real regulars, I am not at all embarassed to be lifting weights. Same goes for cycling. I am out on the road, getting some exercise, enjoying myself. If someone passes me I don't worry. I might pedal harder to try to keep up, but I am not longer embarrassed.

Now if only I could lose 10 pounds or so. I just love chocolate and a glass of wine (the news reports say these are good for you so I keep at 'em!)

cori514 03-07-03 11:13 AM

I had been running about 4-5 miles a day since I was in high school (I'm 23) and I am still not at the weight that I want to be. I just started riding 2 weeks ago, and I have already lost 5 pounds!! I can ride a whole lot longer than I can run, thus burning a lot more calories. I have always eaten very healthy, so now I am so happy that something is actually working!! I LOVE riding!!!

Andy Dreisch 03-07-03 01:34 PM

OK. Now for today's weigh-in:

I'm at 212.

I weigh myself only after riding in to work in the morning (for consistency). Next goal is 210, eventually down to 200 by June.

How 'bout the rest of you?

Don Johnson 03-07-03 02:25 PM

I started the this last winter at 220. After 3 months off the bike and with no other exercize I started the riding season a few weeks ago at 225. I increased the bicycle-portion of my commute by over 100% and in three weeks have dropped about 7 and fluctuate between 217 and 220....for now.

As for a goal, if I can live to be 80 and ride without training wheels I'll be happy (regardless of my weight as long as it's the 260 it was before I started). So, no more cheeseburgers, smokes or half-racks of beer and I keep an eye in the rear view mirror to keep fenders from getting too close for comfort.

Sailguy 03-07-03 03:17 PM

Last post 205, today 203.. Goal for June is 190,

Hants Commuter 03-07-03 03:41 PM

I've only just discovered this thread so pardon me for butting in

I'm 5' 7" and currently weigh in at 186lbs

My target is to get to 161lbs (11 and 1/2 stone)

I'm best man at my brothers wedding in 11 weeks time. I want to be at 175lbs for this. It's going to be a tall order as I'm currently injured with a knee problem.

IowaParamedic 03-08-03 11:05 AM

I am at the point of weight loss that everyone says something nice when they see me. It is a wonderful feeling. I have had to really practice taking compliments and thinking of what I say. I always thank them for noticing.

I had a doctor ask what program I was on. He was expecting an answer like the Zone, or Atkins, etc. Instead, I listed my five things:

1. Water - 136 oz. minimum daily - over a gallon/day
2. Write everything down
3. Eat until you are full, don't just finish the plate
4. Eat with a prepared meal on a plate
5. When you feel hungry, be sure it is hunger, not thirst/boredom/fatigue

Then the doctor said, oh, just the common sense stuff. That works the best.

nemo 03-08-03 11:58 AM

Hey I just found this thread sounds like a lot of you are using cycling for what I am more and more. when I started it was out of necessity to get to and from work. but I quickly realized i could stand much more time on the bike than I can in the gym. I have no arches in my feet so I cannot run. Walking very far is out as well as it just hurts too much I am talking walking over half a mile is very painful. but i can cycle 15- 20 miles without the discomfort in my feet. 2 yrs ago (well almost 3 now) I weighed in around 280.... I have not changed how i eat and really until this year I have not cycled much more than back and forth to work, the store and laundry. now I am trying to get in at least 25 miles a week I have really not modified what i eat as yet. My last physical I weighed 265, however i can notice a lot of change in muscle tone

IowaParamedic 03-09-03 10:35 PM

This morning I weighed 220 lbs. That is 74 lbs of weight loss. My BMI dropped to 29.8 today. I am simply overweight (I prefer aerodynamic).
[list=1][*]My wedding band is loose again - need to resize.[*]I am taking clothes to be altered tomorrow[*]I am cold - I am very cold - I have no more insulation.[/list=1]

In our spring fitness contest, our group is 23rd in the state of Iowa for weight loss.

ZackJones 03-10-03 12:43 PM

IowaParamedic: Congratulations! I'm down about 10 pounds this year so far. I finally broke 270 today - I seemed to hover between 270 and 271 for the past few weeks.

Even though I'm only down 10 pounds so far I am noticing that my pants are fitting looser and I'm happy with that.

235 miles down/2265 to go

MKRG 03-11-03 08:59 PM

HELP!!! I need some recomendations. I wasn't worried before. I wanted to drop 20lbs. and figured just riding my bike would take care of that. I hopped on the scale today (it's been awhile) and found out I gained ten lbs. So now I want to drop 30.

Sailguy 03-11-03 09:24 PM

My experience with my own weight loss and riding has been that I have lost little to no weight. 10 lbs over 4 months so far. Granted I have not been eating perfectly.. I am attributing the slow loss to muscle gain. My inches are definately reducing. My wedding ring fell off in the shower yesterday. I looked at a recent photo of myself and saw a difference.

But since January, I have only lost about 6 lbs. Keep riding. The pace of weight loss should pick up after a certain point. I think I am on the verge of that myself right now.

Riding will increase your metabolism, as will increased muscle mass.

Taking Iowa's technique of drinking lots of water has sped the process up somewhat. However, I am still not motivted enough to kill my social lunch hour at work for healthier food. I figure my evening commute home on the bike will take care of those calories for me.

IowaParamedic 03-11-03 09:43 PM


Originally posted by IowaParamedic

1. Water - 136 oz. minimum daily - over a gallon/day
2. Write everything down
3. Eat until you are full, don't just finish the plate
4. Eat with a prepared meal on a plate
5. When you feel hungry, be sure it is hunger, not thirst/boredom/fatigue

I said nothing about eating healthy food. I eat what I want. I had cheesecake twice this week.

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