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Sailguy 03-11-03 10:19 PM

In that case I violate 2, 4, and 5.

I drink 3 liters minimum when I think about it per day. I try to keep it higher when I am not distracted by other things. But drinking that much water is a concious effort for me.

Sailguy 03-11-03 10:19 PM

Now you went and made me want cheesecake.

lockstockn2` 03-12-03 04:32 PM

Just a hint if anyone has the means and the time to do this:
1. Get a physio ball (swiss ball) and set it up next to your bed.
2. 100 reg situps when you wake up
3. 100 side situps before you shower (50 each side)
4. 100 reg after lunch (or before)
5. 100 side after workout
6. 100 reg after dinner
7. 100 reg before bed.

that works out to be quite a lot of situps, it sounds like a stupid thing to do, but i think it works really well.

Andy Dreisch 03-14-03 03:54 PM

Well, weighed in at 212. Steady for the week. I really think I've plateaued, so I'll have to watch my diet more !!

Sailguy 03-16-03 12:09 PM

This morning was 200. I can't wait to change that first digit to a One.

IowaParamedic 03-18-03 12:22 PM

WTG Sailguy! Getting fired up for TOMRV?

I hit 215.5 this morning. Looks good to hit 200 much earlier than June.

You can't believe how fast I can take hills... lot of power!

Sailguy 03-18-03 02:22 PM

TOMRV is getting more and more TBD. Projects at work are lining up at just the wrong point in time. They are my first big projects here, so I don't want to take vacation during that time.

You will all be informed tho!

Andy Dreisch 03-19-03 11:32 AM

TOMRV? WTHDTM? (What the hell does that mean?)

Today's weigh-in: 209 pounds!!!!!

Probably the first time in more than ten years I've been under 210. Maybe more. I have broken through my plateau of 212-213. 200 in June.

Sailguy 03-19-03 11:49 AM

Congrats Andy!

TOMRV - Tour Of the Missisippi River Valley

A 2 day, 184 mile ride I am trying to do in June. Iowa and a few others from the forum are doing it this year. I am hoping my work schedule works out so I can go. It looks like a blast.

From what I understand, they put something like Tierra Bella's Metcalf Rd. at mile 98 on the TOMRV. (day 1 is 100 miles)

Andy Dreisch 03-19-03 11:50 AM

Metcalf is for sissies. Try Quito.

Andy Dreisch 03-19-03 11:51 AM

HA HA HA HA !!! TOMRV sounds pretty cool. Hope you all can make it.

Sailguy 03-19-03 11:59 AM

Which Quito? The one in Saratoga/Los Gatos? It isn't much.

Andy Dreisch 03-19-03 12:04 PM

Oops. My bad. Quimby Rd, on the east hills of San Jose leading up to Mt Hamilton. It's so steep that I "pop wheelies" going up that beast.

Sailguy 03-19-03 12:11 PM

Ah found some info on it.. I should go try it! (I haven't been on Metcalf yet either).

Quimby Road
distance: 5.1 miles
climbing: 2100 feet
Quimby is a short cut which bypasses the section of Mount Hamilton Road to the first intermediate descent, eliminating 8 miles and 1500 feet of climbing. It starts off innocently, but the grade increases steadily, until with 1 mile to go one is assaulted with a series of vertical switchbacks and an extremely steep, final straight which, with the help of the pitiless sun, will sap any remaining strength from the legs. Following the climb is a 1-mile descent to Mount Hamilton Road, losing 600 feet. After surviving this, climbing the remaining 2800 feet of Mount Hamilton Road seems trivial.

My most serious climbs so far have been Old La Honda, Redwood Gulch Rd, Langdass Grade (Carmel), and the Calavaras Wall.

IowaParamedic 03-24-03 09:13 AM

212 lbs today. 12 pounds short of my goal of 200 lbs.

Things are going rather well, and the miles are adding up on the bike. My new eating habits are still working very well with riding.

I even noticed on my group ride, there were some guys who ate less than I did. I felt really full after eating, but the apple pie added calories to get me home. I am still losing weight on my calorie intake, and I don't think I need to change anything.

ZackJones 03-24-03 09:57 AM


I seem to be stuck in plateau hell :(

I have been riding quite abit (236 miles so far this month) but my weight just isn't coming off like I think it should. I started working on losing weight in early January and the first few pounds came right off. I bought my bike in late January and have been riding almost daily since.

I vary my ride intensity and use a heart rate monitor to keep track of my heart rate. For example this past weekend I did two organized rides the Tour de Pike with my wife and with one wrong turn added in we did 23 miles, versus 18 in 1:54, avg HR of 137. Sunday I did the 25 mile option of the St. Patrick's Century in 1:39 with an avg HR of 153.

I have been trying to eat right - I don't snack on junk food, etc but I'm stuck :( and I'm tired of it. I drink lots of water per day and limit myself to one or two sodas per week. I don't count

Any tips/tricks to break through this plateau would be greatly appreciated.

stuck at 271

Andy Dreisch 03-24-03 11:05 AM

I've actually gone up in weight, to 215 today. But I've been swinging by 3-5 pounds recently. The recent uptick is due to ... BEER. March Madness is catching up to me!!! I did a mean trail run yesterday and biked 20 miles in today and will bike home so I've been countering the additional "intake" with output.

No problem. I can get it back down to under 210 soon enough and then set up for the push to 200 by June.

ZackJones, if I had a dime for every plateau I encountered!! Just stick with it. Take your time and don't burn out.

Sailguy 03-24-03 11:57 AM

I'm also in plateau hell. 200-202 for the past week or so. Last week I even put in 260 miles, and 4200' of climbing on one ride. No dice. I am still in my mind attributing this to muscle gain. I am quite sore still from saturday's ride. And today I peaked out at 203 for my 'bouncy' range.

After long rides I dip down to 199, but I don't count it because its just dehydration.

IowaParamedic 03-24-03 01:33 PM


I weigh myself twice a day. Once in morning, once at bedtime. It gives me complete feedback on what I ate, and how it changed my weight.

You will gain during the day, you will lose overnight. However, if you can see that you lose 2 lbs between bedtime and morning, you have to have your intake, so you gain less than 2 lbs during the day. <not sure if my description makes sense>

Day 1 Morning 212 Bedtime 214
Day 2 Morning 212 Bedtime 213
Day 3 Morning 211 Bedtime 212
Day 4 Morning 210 Bedtime 212

Write down everything you eat.

Hants Commuter 03-24-03 02:52 PM

Well I seem to be stuck as well 13 St 4 (186lbs):(

The good news is my knee is much better and I did an 18 mile Round trip to work today. All I need to do now is to stayout of the kitchen in the evening.

tim-mah 03-24-03 05:04 PM

(First post here.)

I have to thank weight watchers. The points system works like a charm. They have accomodations for exercise they introduce you to in week 4.

Weight: 262 in May, 202 today.
Resting heart rate: 83 in May, 60 today

I had trouble grinding nebraska hills with a 42x23 granny gear before, now I can hold 17mph for 1/2 hour without too much trouble. I was thinking of buying a mountain bike or Hybrid for the short gears. (Read: I was gonna accept defeat)

I try to ride 3x a week for 30-45 minutes each time. I have to keep my old Cannondale happy. :D

IowaParamedic 03-24-03 09:23 PM

Here are my past avatars:
I don't know if there is any difference.

Andy Dreisch 03-26-03 11:18 AM

Weighed in at 212.5. Knocked off a couple pounds gained from the overindulgence I exhibited while watching March Madness games. I suspect that by next weigh in (Friday, I think) that I'll be back at 210 and set to go to 200 by June.

Hants Commuter 03-31-03 03:51 AM

My weight has gone up by 1lb (to 187) :(

I need to keep a very tight rein on my nibbles. With a bit of luck I should be able to start running again this week to supplement the cycling.

IowaParamedic 03-31-03 09:12 AM

I have yo-yo'ed over the past week. I am now at 210. I think it is a firm 210. That is a 2 lb loss over the week and that is right on track for me.

Last week, I didn't work out as much, ate poorly, didn't concentrate on water. I suffered through the weekend with stress and cold weather. Today is back to 60 degrees, and it will be comfortable on the bike once again.

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