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IowaParamedic 06-23-02 09:23 PM

Weight Loss Club
I just scored a major victory. I lost my first 10 lbs. It has been over 3 weeks, that I began to weigh in.

My secret:
Commute 75 miles per week
25+ weekend ride
Weight training 2-3 x per week
Still eat like cr*p!

I have been strength training and riding stationary bike since November and noticed significant body composition change, but no weight loss. Now the weight is going.

Any other success stories?
Potential Subway commercial candidates?

MediaCreations 06-23-02 09:38 PM

I'm at a stubborn stage with weight. I keep trying to show it the door but it doesn't want to go.

Congratulations on seeing the scales head downwards.

I guess we all know how to lose weight. More excersize - less food - but it can still be tough making it work.

Any other success stories? Let's keep each other informed on how the battle goes.

Gary W. Graley 06-24-02 05:14 AM

I'm hanging in there, last June weighed in at a hefty 225 and by Christmas dropped down to 185, since then dropped down to 178 but just yesterday weighed in at 186 which if you'll note is the wrong way! So I'm stepping up my daily ride to include more miles to help out and the main thing is my eating routine that I was following dropped by the wayside, chips and salsa and stuff that I had dropped I picked up, sweet tooth for salty things!

I used the Fit For Life II book by Harvey Diamond that works very well for me, fruit in the morning and light meals at night, nothing after 9pm. A life changing eating habit is the only way to do it, dieting is a way to start but you have to really purpose in your heart that you want to change the way you look and feel....

Right now I'm riding about 6 miles during lunch time, doing all my errands in town, I'll bump that up to at least 9 or 10 miles and try to get in that many again after work...just a little to far from home to commute in as I go in early and it's both dark and foggy a lot of the time, so the lunch rides work well, but now to step up the pace!

Inkwolf 06-24-02 05:44 AM

Well, I've been having problems for years. Finally about 3 years ago, I managed to lose 50 pounds one year by eating almost nothing and going on 7-mile hikes five times a week. I think I wore out my knee cartilage, though. And I started getting overtraining symptoms, though I didn't understand at the time what they were. (Until I came to this forum, I had no explanation for the weird panic attacks I was going through!)

Then I slacked off a couple years, and 20 pounds came back...

This year I started with the biking (easier on the knees) and eating healthy, normal meals. In fact, what with energy snacks and stuff, I believe I am eating more than I did before, and I've lost 15 pounds this summer! The trick, like IowaParamedics, is commuting 64+ miles per week, plus longer trips on weekends. (I'm also at a point where it is creeping down by ounces, though.)

And now, when I trash my diet, I have the option to run outside and work it off on the bike. :D Still, got a long way to go....

tonyr 06-24-02 10:54 AM

Hi - I've also been riding the roller coaster for many years. I signed up for the Minnesota version of the MS150 this year and was concerned my 262 pounds wouldn't make it. I rode indoors on my trainer almost up until the ride on June 8 and 9. I use a tape that came with my trainer, Cyclerobix. It's a good workout, I like it and used it a lot, four to five time a week. I don't like to look at the scale and typically don't. About 3 days before the ride I hopped on the scale. I knew I had lost some weight, clothes were fitting big, that sort of thing. I weighed in at 230! I couldn't believe it. I lost 3 more pounds on the ride but developed a case of tendonitis in my left knee. I laid off riding for two weeks and went out this past weekend. I made it three miles out and had to turn back it hurt so much. I don't know if it's seat height and positioning, pedal adjustment or what. Anyone out suffering through the same and if so how did you cure your ailment. Thanks in advance for any advice and congrats on everyone's loss!


OWHIP 06-24-02 10:58 AM





RockHopper 06-24-02 12:44 PM

I bought my bike June 1st to use it as an aid to losing weight. In 3 weeks I have been riding about 5 times per week (20 miles a ride) and eating 3 meals a day with no snacks.. The meals haven't been perfect but overall are pretty healthy which i think is the best way to go because if you quit fatty foods cold turkey it makes the diet harder to keep. I've lost about 8 pounds in 3 weeks and I know its mostly "water weight" but its defintly an improvement. I hope to continue all summer and hopefully lose the gut i've had my whole life. Thats my story :)


Richard_Rides 06-24-02 01:37 PM

Well, I'm down 35 pounds in about 3 months. I'm 45 years old, I'm currently riding 80-100 miles a week.
I have maybe 30 more pounds to go before I start my new career as a Supermodel.

Goatbiker 06-24-02 03:47 PM

Goatbiker here (AKA Lardbutt Aerobelly) Fat is great for downkills, but you got to get up 'em first. I'm checking in at 250. Lets see what summer can do.

Gary W. Graley 06-24-02 04:37 PM

My goal isn't so much in the weight department but in the pants size I wear, when I was heaviest at 225 I was in a Tight size 40 and now I'm into a comfortable size 33 but my goal is to wear size 32, once again! Reason for that is while I keep riding and also working out with free weights I'll add muscle which will either replace the weight of the lost fat and might even increase my overall weight, so I don't give weight lose much weight...(0xymoron?)

When I entered the Navy, lo those many years ago...;)
I wore size 29 but I don't believe that I'd get back to those again, nor would I want to.

In less than a year and a half I'll turn 50, which prompted my change in eating habits...

I read the book by Harvey Diamond, Fit For Life II, why didn't I read the first one first? Well I just happened apon the book while at the library and they had a rack of books for I helped myself and very glad I did! I recommend this book to about anyone, there are some Yoga thingys in there I don't go into but it is written in a clever and witty way, which makes for an easy read and some very common sense ideas. There have been people that go against his teachings but then there always are those on both sides, I read what I could and put them into action and find that I am able to keep the weight off, if I stick to it! One of the main things that I found was Fruit, I only eat fruit in the morning on an empty stomach, a banana on the way to work, an apple around 9am, out on my bike ride at noon and back I get an orange, and sometimes mixed nuts. Stay away from chips and fast foods. And I set myself so that I don't eat late at night, as a rule I stop at 7pm and a HARD rule of nothing after 9pm so as to be able to digest during the nights rest.

I also avoid bread as that really seems to LIKE me a lot.

One other Trick? from the book is to not drink during your meal as the liquid can dilute the enzymes from doing their job of digesting and cause it to take longer for your meal to digest. I find that most of the food that you eat during your meal has some liquidness within itself that I don't need to WASH down my food. If the food is pretty dry, I'd have a glass of water handy...just in case.

Well, sorry to run on so, but I think it helps to air things like this out and maybe others can benefit. Todays ride was Great! a little over 7 miles but quick ones none the less.


jetski 06-24-02 07:58 PM

I consider myself about 25 lbs overweight. All in the tummy of course. Losing that weight is a very very hard thing to do. I commend those that have lost it. I have a hard time staying away from the fast food and the late night snacks. I am going to try to dedicate myself, and see if I can't take off that extra weight by the end of the summer.

ssgl502002 06-25-02 07:41 AM

My story is simple. Last year I turned 50 and decided it was time to get some control of my health, which up to that time wasn't bad, but wasn't really where I wanted to be after looking at alot of people my age, huffing and puffing to do even the simplest tasks. I have been riding my bike to work and back for the last 5 years or so, but only in the last 2 years have I really taken it seriously. Last year as I turned 50, I decided it was time to make cycling part of my life, not just a thing I did once in awhile to work. I also had to change my eating habits, because enjoying too much of the good life, would surely counteract all the exercise I was trying to do. Since I got serious last year, I went from 215lbs to 180lbs, where I am now and I am keeping it off for the most part and not really having to give up much. Usually on the weekends, I let loose a little, but try to watch out how much.
I will see my weight fluctuate some, may as much as 4 lbs over the weekend. But after I get back on my usual routine during the week, those 4 lbs or so, go away. During the week, I pretty much keep to strict routine. I try to eat 4 to 5 times a day with each time not being a whole lot of food, but the the right kind. I have been doing this awhile and now its a way of life for me, which makes it alot easier to do. Over a year later now, I feel a whole lot better, I have more stamina that I thought was possible and I went from a 38 pants size down to a 34. I haven't been there in years and it sure does feel good. My ride to work each day is 10 miles round trip with hills and on the weekends I try to get in some long rides of 20 to 30 miles. Cycling is the only way to go!!!!!

webist 06-26-02 03:11 PM

Here's from another 50 year old.
Last September the Doc told me I had diabetes. I was instructed to lose weight, exercise, diet (watch carbs) and build muscle mass. Also needed to reduce cholesterol. Thank goodness blood pressure is low.

When he said that, I went to my business landlord which happens to be my LBS and in the same building where I work and bought a Giant Sedona DX. Also added a weight machine to my arsenal and cleared the yard-sale junk off the treadmill and plugged it in.:)

Dr also told me to quit "wasting" calories on beer and maybe have a red wine or two instead. I quit drinking entirely that day. There is a well known Colorado brewery whose stock must have suffered as a result of that decision;)

In short, I have undergone a rather complete change of lifestyle. Weight is down 56 lbs. Cholesterol is down 100 points. Blood sugar is entirely within normal range. Waste size has gone from 46 to a loose 38. And I am addicted to my bike.

The first ride was about 3 miles in September. It killed me to cover that distance in about 40 minutes. In contrast, last night's ride was 13 miles in 57 minutes and I felt great.

As I told the Doc, "I'll be healthier with diabetes than I was without." I really think that is true.


LittleBigMan 06-26-02 07:05 PM

My experience is that not only did I lose a lot of weight, I gained a lot of muscle and fitness! I figure I lost a lot more fat than the scales show, since I added muscle, too.

I never want to go back. I could grab my bike and step up on the scale if I wanted to see how much I'd weigh, though!

It's really neat to see what my muscle looks like with the layers of fat gone. At 42, I don't think I've ever been as strong!


Johndon 06-28-02 01:28 AM

I don't know my weight in pounds, but initially, before I started to use my exercise bike, I weighed 151 Kilograms. In 3 months I lost about 5 kilos just by riding and adjusting my food intake.

In August 2001, I changed tack, when a chaplain encouraged me to keep going. I bought a new exercise bike after breaking the other one, and in the ensuing 6 months, I lost 24 Kilos.

I'm going through a time of plateauing at the moment, but I know I will perservere.

When I get down another 10 kilos I will get out my MTB and ride to work.

I have proved to myself that it can be done, albeit with some ivine intervention you might say, and will press on to the goal of riding from one side of Australia to the other next year.

It's amazing what a little sweat, determination and a lot of prayer can do!:)

Maelstrom 06-29-02 08:53 PM

I have been battling with weight for years. I powerlifted, bodybuilded (not a word I know). Through all of this I did casual riding. Now I do some intense climbs with what I consider little to no lifting. I have lost 2 pnds in 1 monthand now weight 268 at 6'5. But I have lost 10 pnds fat and put on a few inches in my thighs.

I ride around 100km a week total.

dalerider 06-30-02 08:06 PM

Congrats on your progress.

I made a New Years resolution to lose 100 pounds this year and get in shape. Thanks to the my miraculous secret diet I have gone from 270 pounds on Jan 1 to 192 as of today. (32 pounds to go). My resting pulse has gone from 92 to 54. When asked- I tell people I am on the ELMM diet. That stands for Eat Less, Move More. What a concept!

I credit biking for being the key to my weight loss. My only major dietary change has been to cut out all of the late night snacking I used to do- (I was a major chip and nuts fiend). Other than that I have built up a cycling routine that involves riding 150-200 miles a week over rolling terrain at an average speed of 18-19 MPH.

I feel reborn without all the extra weight. I have all sorts of extra energy thanks to the cycling and weight loss. I feel incredibly lucky to have an activity like cycling, that I enjoy so much, and has such amazing benefits.

deliriou5 06-30-02 10:37 PM

I am incredibly frustrated... I started running and biking back in march... and here i am and i've gained 5 lbs. granted... my thighs are getting massive... but my gut is not going away. i'm starting some crunches... but it is not fun, like cycling is. ack... i hate indoor exercise :cP.
well, i do plan on doing a tri sometime... but i just don't want to shell out the dough for a gym membership so i can start swimming :(. i think that would help immensely with fat control.

Gary W. Graley 06-30-02 11:33 PM


Originally posted by deliriou5
I am incredibly frustrated... I started running and biking back in march... and here i am and i've gained 5 lbs. granted... my thighs are getting massive... but my gut is not going away. i'm starting some crunches... but it is not fun, like cycling is. ack... i hate indoor exercise :cP.
well, i do plan on doing a tri sometime... but i just don't want to shell out the dough for a gym membership so i can start swimming :(. i think that would help immensely with fat control.

Crunches certainly help and are a pain but worth while, I do those as well as leg lifts to shape and form those seldom used muscles that really help to support your back.

As to weight loss, gyms I guess are nice and structured but biking and running should be enough? Sounds like eating more than burning off, imagine it like a savings account, if you put in more than you take out, that account will indeed grow larger.

One thing that really helped me is not eating junk food and cutting out eating at night, especially after 9pm. Also sodas are something that I've heard people claim that after giving them up, they lost 20 pounds right away...addictive stuff that soda!

Keep up the work and purpose in your heart that you don't want to remain heavy, it's really is mind over matter! I know I tried several times to lose but when I put my mind to it and really perserved it finally stuck that I meant business and can now easily turn down donuts without really missing them at work!


orguasch 07-01-02 03:38 AM

I have maintain my 165 lbs weight for about 30 years now, secret constant bike riding.........

nunquam 07-01-02 09:54 AM

I agree with Gary's advice. Biking is great for your legs and cardio, but not as effective for the rest of your body. To be honest, I think most of my weight-loss has come from the reduced amount/reduced fat diet and walking. I walk 3-5 miles a day at a brisk pace, not as a separate work-out, but incorporating it into my daily routine. The cycling is great for my heart and legs, and makes me feel good, more alert, positive.

As my weight drops, I know I need to start doing upper-body excercise. I used to have a pretty simple upper-body routine of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups...I did them in rotating sets to the point of muscle exhaustion, 3-4 times a week for years, with great results. I didn't get "big" but I had definition and I felt strong, confident, felt like I looked better. (I used to get a lot more dates because of it! :D)

Inkwolf 07-05-02 06:17 AM

I think I'm having a lot more success with less effort biking than I did walking. Especially (ahem) in areas I needed it most. (Down two jeans sizes. :p And lost another 5 pounds.)

BTW, anyone else tried Wendy's new salads? I had the Mandarin Chicken and the BLT Chicken, and both were so good I was never even tempted to use the dressing packet. :p

oceanrider 07-05-02 06:25 AM

Pre-cycling, I went on Atkins and lost 10 lbs. I felt terrible and gained most of it back as soon as I began eating a variety of foods. Then I lost another 6lbs. by cutting way back but eating a variety. I was hungry all the time. Then I started cycling and eating like "normal" people. That's when I noticed the weight beginning to melt away. Plateaus were overcome, fat turned to muscle and I became a fat burning machine. It was GREAT.

Then June came. It rained 25 inches in June. Being a Floridian, there's not much use for a trainer but I wish I had one. Pretty much it was 3 weeks off the bike. The weight loss stopped but I didn't gain any. The fat burning machine was still working. My sister told me it was because the muscles still continued to burn fat. Pretty cool I'd say. Now it's back on the bike again. July should be more bike friendly.

LittleBigMan 07-05-02 11:11 AM


Originally posted by oceanrider
Pre-cycling, I went on Atkins and lost 10 lbs. I felt terrible and gained most of it back as soon as I began eating a variety of foods. Then I lost another 6lbs. by cutting way back but eating a variety. I was hungry all the time. Then I started cycling and eating like "normal" people. That's when I noticed the weight beginning to melt away.
This is my experience, too. That's why I believe exercise is the key to getting the weight off and keeping it off.

I believe that any weight-loss program that does not include a balanced exercise/muscle-development program is basically an unhealthy starvation-type diet. (And don't let me start on Atkins; how can you exercise properly without carbs?)

Andy Dreisch 07-07-02 10:13 AM

For years now people have urged me to do the Atkins thing. NO WAY !! Total witchcraft in my view.

I'm 220 and 6'4". I've been around 220 probably a decade now. Recently I spiked to around 230 when I stopped running due to an injury. To counter this I've stepped up the biking miles (commuting and weekend) and have scaled back come on the diet.

I'd like to get to 210 one day.

I can never seem to stick with a weight training program -- bores the tears out of me. However, the comments on this thread give me hope.

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