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Keto diet?

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To each his own I suppose.

From my understanding of metabolism, muscles, and energy, the energy has to come from somewhere, and I don't see anything magical about the diet, but perhaps that's just me.
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The energy certainly has to come from somewhere, as with anyone on any diet, if you expend more than you take in, it comes from body fat. In the case of someone in ketosis, the body is just better at turning to fat than someone who is carb fueled.
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Its Freakin HammerTime!!!
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50/50 some do well some don't. I do ok but cant ride with the fast group when I'm on it.
Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
I don't like any other exercise or sports, really.
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just another gosling
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Originally Posted by awesomeame View Post
I was eating mainly Keto prior to the cycling season, (less than 20g carb) but after starting to ride had to start including carbs, at about 20% of daily cals. I found flat riding at low intensities no problem, but I'd be a complete wreck on any sort of climb. Even small climbs were slow going and exhausting.

From my experience, if you can keep your heartrate below I'd say 70-75% at all times, keto is easily manageable. Above this, your performance will be crap, and you'll exhaust quickly which you'll feel for the rest of the day..recovery seems slow.

I read base building for cyclists last week, and in the book he recommends going to 45% daily calories from carbs, so I've been trying this. Although great for performance (87km ride 2 days into diet, avg 26.8km/hr but kept it low-ish intensity) it doesn't appear to have done much for weight/body composition over the last week, and in fact I'm up 3lbs. I'm also noticing I'm sweating and am tired a lot...I feel very full/bloated, and frankly, my brain isn't turning on. But at the same time muscle fatigue seems to be much less, I can definitely ride longer than at 20% carbs.

I'm going to dial back the carbs to maybe 25-35% and see how that goes.

Your body is basically a trainable chemical factory. It gets better at what you ask it to do. Doing keto, your body lost its knack for using carbs. When you eat carbs, keep the portions small and use whole carbs - w.w. bread, brown rice, etc., and the portions no bigger than your fist. If you feel full/bloated, eat less! Always stop eating when you aren't actually hungry anymore. The dumb feeling and sweating are from low B.S., probably from overeating carbs or eating too high G.I. carbs when not on the bike. I'm always careful to eat fat, protein, and carbs together, whether it's a snack or a meal.
Results matter
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I have been on a KETO diet for about 2 1/2 months and I have lost over 30 lbs. I set another goal now that I bought a bicycle and am trying to ride about 5 miles a day. I really miss the carbs, for eating pleasure. But that got me fat in the first place. My blood glucose levels are much better, and I am starting to feel like I am in a ketogenic state. I am sure one of the biggest factors is elimination of all junk food and soda. I drink mostly water, or Almond/coconut milk. So far I will keep it up. In the future, I may increase carbs.
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What kind of diet pills do you guys use for keto or what is best?
According to fat burners must be good.
Prescription Weight Loss / Diet Pills: What Are the Options?

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I think Keto is great for weight loss. I think, as its proven in big races, if you want performance, carbs are the go to fuel. I am trying to do Keto for weight loss, I try and eat high protein until after i ride. I am not starving during my ride and i am not crazy hungry after like i am on carbs. So far so good.
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