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cjenrick 12-26-20 11:35 PM

Training Schedule for January, February and March
Holidays are winding down, a new year is around the corner, after one week off the bike, the body starts to go downhill, so we best get on it.

Hopefully we were on the bike a bit during December to keep the endurance up, now what?

We want a 3 month buildup before the season starts.

This information was taught to me by Greg LeMond, who learned it from Cyrille Guimard.

Who's that? >

'"Cyrille Guimard (born 20 January 1947) is a former professional road racing cyclist who became a director sportif and then a television commentator. Three of his riders, Bernard Hinault, Laurent Fignon and Lucien Van Impe, won the Tour de France. Another protégé of Guimard's, Greg LeMond, described him as "the best coach in the world" and "the best coach I ever had". He has been described by cycling journalist William Fotheringham as the greatest directeur sportif in the history of the Tour'

Short rides are for the fast twitch muscles and should feature maximum intensity riding.
This means sprints, 10 to 25 seconds each, which should continue throughout the year to keep power. Vary your gearing for sprints.

Mid distance days are for Anaerobic Threshold training, AT training can start 24 days after normal endurance work. Normally you should start AT work 4 to 6 weeks before racing. This type of training should be done throughout the racing season, but not in the winter, which is reserved for endurance training. Intervals are used on the mid distance days. Types of intervals include:

Riding hard for 4 minutes, then 3:30, 3;00, 2:30, 2:00, 1:30, 1:00, 30 seconds-2 ea. and 15 seconds-2 ea.

Or, ride for 1 minute at 90% to 100%, then one minute of rest, etc, repeat until you are dead.

These types of intervals are good for training the recovery system.

All anaerobic intervals should be done to peak for races, never before two to three months of AT work.

Long days should be endurance work at a heart rate of 65% to 80% of your Maximum Heart Rate.
This ride should be done in hilly terrain once a week and flatter terrain once a week. The closer to 80% of MHR, the better the training.


1st Week

Monday: off, other sports optional, skis, weights,
Tuesday: Road ride, 5 to 12 sprints
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Road ride + cycle cross or mountain biking. Split day is OK.
Friday: off
Saturday: Road ride, 5 to 12 sprints
Sunday: road ride plus cyclecross or MB riding.

2nd Week;

Monday: off
Tuesday: road ride, 18 miles, 5 to 12 sprints
Wednesday: road ride, 36 miles
Thursday: 45 miles, hills
Friday: road ride, 18 miles, 5 to 12 sprints
Saturday: road ride, 36 miles, hills,
Sunday: 45 miles hills

3rd Week

Monday: off
Tuesday: 18 miles, 5 to 12 sprints,
Wednesday: 36 miles, hills
Thursday: 54 miles, hills
Friday: 18 miles, 5 to 12 sprints
Saturday: 36 miles, hills
Sunday: 54 miles, hills

4th Week

Monday: off
Tuesday: 18 miles, sprints,
Wednesday: 36 miles, AT work (intervals)
Thursday; 54 miles, hills
Friday: 18 miles, sprints
Saturday: 36 miles, AT work
Sunday: 54 miles, hills

On mid distance days, it is good to split the day, (easy morning, hard afternoon).
AT work: 1/2 hour warmup, 1 hour speed work, 1/2 hour warm down.
Speed work should be done to the point of being very fatigued.

Mileage is for Juniors. If you are older or stronger, then just increase miles but keep the percentage the same.

If you feel stronger on a particular day do more miles. I you feel weaker, back it down a bit and work back up.

there ya go, see you in February!

cjenrick 12-27-20 12:57 AM


This is the month to do more speed work and increase distances.

Monday: off
Tuesday: 1 hour, 18 miles, sprints
Wednesday: 2 1/2 hours, 48 Miles AT work, ex: 1/2 warmup, 1 1/2 hill jams at AT level, 1/2 hour warm down,
Thursday: 3 1/2 hours, 63 miles, Long Steady Distance, hills,
Friday:: 1 hour, 18 miles, sprints:
Saturday: 2 1/2 hours, 48 Miles AT work,
Sunday: 3 1/2 hours, 63 miles, Long Steady Distance, hills,

Sprints: 1 big gear, 1 medium gear, repeat.

cjenrick 12-27-20 01:25 AM


Racing season. Relatively the same training schedule as February.
Early season racing should be used as training.

Never rest the day before the race, always 2 days before.
Rest should be on the bike at 65% of maximum heart rate or below.

Monday: Complete rest day, off the bike.
Tuesday: sprints
Wednesday: Speed and AT
Thursday: endurance ride, same distance as rest ride,
Friday: rest ride
Saturday: pre-race tune up, ride the course, do 5 to 6 sprints, distance should be 30 to 35 miles,
Sunday: Race.


Normally, after 7 to 8 weeks of hard training, take a week of rest to recover. Stay in contact with the bike, ex: ride 4 or 5 days a week, 1 to 2 hours each.

Following the race, recoup 1 week, rest 2 days.

Do three long rides a week during season.

Two weeks before the race, do an intense week.

One week before the race do an easy week of training.

Four days before the race, do speed work, such as motor pacing for 2 hours or about 25 miles.

Three days before the race, do an endurance ride.

The day before the race, ride about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, with 4 or 5 sprints.

Warm up for 20 miles before the race. Go out after the race and train.

Speed work is according to what kind of race you will be doing.

Train by hours if the race is super long.

Power Training: 3 minute intervals in a 52-13.

Split day: Do speed work in the morning, and a time trial in the afternoon.
Or, do 3 hours of LSD in the morning and 2 hours of speed work in the afternoon.

No, i did not say take LSD in the morning and Speed in the afternoon.
Don't be like Moser. :lol:

Good Luck!

Cycletography 12-27-20 08:09 AM

cjenrick : Thanks for the info! :thumb: I'm trying to implement some structure into my training for 2021, so your post is helpful as I attempt to formulate a plan.

AdamJames89 01-06-21 02:34 AM

Very cool schedule. I even thought that it would be cool to try! I also want to eat as healthy as possible and then I can bring myself into perfect shape.

Micaah87 01-13-21 03:55 AM

Originally Posted by AdamJames89 (Post 21864669)
Very cool schedule. I even thought that it would be cool to try! I also want to eat as healthy as possible and then I can bring myself into perfect shape.

Then good luck to you! :roflmao:Since there is a desire, there is a chance that you will try it all the same.

salvodipa 01-13-21 04:17 AM

one day i will hope to do the same!!

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