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lhill 09-19-21 01:16 PM

Carbohydrate Question
I went to a restaurant and ate 1 cup of Jasmine Rice which is about 240 calories and 45 grams of carbs. So I go home and change, jump on my bike and do a neighborhood ride burning 600 calories per my Lezyne Easy GPS. So I burned off the 240 calories of rice and am 360 calories to the good. But, what affect, if any, did the ride have on the 45 carbs? Thanks for your expertise!

Iride01 09-19-21 04:30 PM

Don't know. We can only generalize. Depending on how hard you rode at various times a certain amount of your energy came from fat and some from glycogen that can be more readily replaced by carbohydrate. You almost always are burning a certain amount of fat. Glycogen comes into play more as you exceed the rate at which your body can convert fat to energy.

Whether any of that was from the molecules that made up your Jasmine rice I'd not even begin to speculate. <grin>

Seattle Forrest 09-19-21 04:46 PM

Chances are your rice wasn't digested yet by the time you got home and rode? Exercising immediately before or after eating carbs makes it more likely your body will turn them into glycogen than other uses, but it's a big "it depends."

If you're asking from a weight management perspective, only the calories matter. It's like how you can earn money by working or you can win it gambling, and there's a list of difference in what that takes and maybe how it's taxed, but all dollars have the same spending power.

lhill 09-20-21 05:14 AM

Thanks for your help!

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