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training volume


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training volume

Is it detrimental to be training daily. My training schedule entails 1 Ĺ -2 hours rides Monday through Wednesday, 2-3 hour rides on Thursday, Friday & Saturday & a 3-4 hour ride on Sunday. The short rides are usually at 75-100 percent of my max HR. Two of the long rides sit at 60-80 percent of my max HR and one will be an all out interval effort ranging from 60 percent of my max HR to full anaerobic efforts.

I usually lift weights 3-4 times a week for roughly an hour at a time. My diet is tip top, I count calorie intake and expenditure as well as maintain adequate hydration. I manage about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Iím pretty new to cycling Iíve only been training for roughly 3 months. I have however been cycling for about 3 years but just once or twice a month just for a change from my bmx. I did race once when I first got my roadie. I just happened to be at the local track when they where holding a race, they asked if I wanted to try so I figured I had nothing to loose. I did really well actually very well for never having trained or even putting in more then an hour or two a week on the roadie. People where surprised that I was able to hold on to the pack .

Just mentioning these things since they could potentially effect ability to train.

So basically I wanted to know if my training volume is too high and if I should maybe cut out a day for recovery. Iím training to hopefully race next season. I live in Ontario, Canada and it seems that most races here are crits therefore thatís the type of race IĎll be doing.

It is just hard staying off the bike for a whole day I just itch to get on it, itís as if Iím addicted to the feeling you get after while riding as well as after.

Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated.
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Recovery is #1 priority in hard training athletes. Ice and high quality rest and nutrition. At least 1 full rest day each week.
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How long have you been riding? I think you'd want to limit the numbers of short days at 75-100% max-HR while you're doing weight-lifting...
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