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pmaertens 10-16-02 09:19 PM

Software diete and training
do you have any good software for training and diete

tank you for your answers

killerasp 10-18-02 11:16 AM

computer software? they train for you?

what kind of software are you looking for? something to keep trakck of what you eat or do?

cyclochica 10-18-02 11:25 AM

You might want to look into this:

killerasp 10-18-02 11:30 AM

holy crap this is harcore....time to bootleg this. hehehee

Spire 10-18-02 12:31 PM

Jeez, looks incredibly useful, I gotta find this!

cyclochica 10-18-02 12:49 PM

You can order it directly from the company or download it. I use it and find it really helpful.

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