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diet/weight loss

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diet/weight loss

hey guys, I've been trying to watch what I eat for the last year. i've lost 35 lbs so far and want to lose 20 more.

I've pretty much lost what I have by cutting out cheese/butter, switching to skim milk and not drinking sodas

but now it's serious... in order to lose more i really need to watch the diet, so what kinds of meals do you guys use? What about plans for the day ? (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
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I am on a cyclical ketogenic diet and instead of cutting out fats, I cut out the carbs.. works just as well for me and I'm feeling satiated even though I still eat 10% less than the recommended intake.. in the weekends I do carboloading to fill up the muscles with glycogen.
An alternative is to have mostly carbfree meals except for just before training/working out.

A thing which changed a lot is that I eat 6x/day (300 cals/meal) and I also do the first ride of the day without eating and eating upon arrival at work
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I used and still to a degree use the same plan as described above. Especially in my hardcore gym rat days. Once your body gets past the carb craving stage it is an easy diet to stick to and phenomonal for maintaining / building lean muscle and only reducing body fat.

I now, for ease of eating sake, do this basic ratio

20% fat
40% Carbs
40% Protein

I only have the increased carbs because of the amount of riding I do and the current need for anaerobic energy. This only matters to me because I am a performance freak. If I was more concerned with weight loss I would probably lean it up a bit

30% fat
30% carbs
40% protein

As you can see protein is a staple in my diet. This is because lean muscle is king in my opinion. It increases your bodies ability to burn calories, makes you stronger and I just like being big . I would also perform my first ride calorie deprived (first thing in the morning before breaky). This is probably the diet I will use during the winter months when I am trying to pack on muscle and drop some fat. Performance isn't an issue for me when I am cycling in front of a TV.

6 - 7x a day for meals split fairly evenly throughout the day, my last meal 4 hours before bed.
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Dear Ritalin,

If you want to lose that remaining twenty lbs, I recommend doing it by making small incremental dietary changes (just like you have been doing with milk, cheese, whatnot), and by working out a little more. Ketogenic diets (like the Atkins, and like the Maelstrom) are difficult to maintain and of questionable long-term benefit. What works and is sustainable is to simply up the ratio of burned:ingested calories.

Before considering a drastic dietary change, consider this:

- Diets high in saturated (dairy, red meat) and poly-unsaturated (margarine, heated veggie oils) fats put you at increased risk for coronary artery disease.

- Excessive protein intake (2g/kg) is a risk factor calcium-oxalate kidney stones.

A varied diet with daily fresh fruit & veggies, plenty of fiber, and regular (fatty) fish is the best diet combo we know of with respect to long-term health maintenance.

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