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changing routines for winter workouts

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changing routines for winter workouts

Old 11-02-02, 07:00 AM
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changing routines for winter workouts

Anyone here familiar with Body-for-Life?

I've been doing their workouts for the past 3 weeks and due to my longer cardio sessions on non-alternating days, it doesn't seem to work well.

My schedule was
Mon am: upper body (lower body & abs in week2)
Tues am: swimming (45 mins)
Wed am lower body & spinning (this was OK, as spinning was immediately after WO) (upper in week 2)
Thurs am free, a small bike ride (20 mins)
Fri am upper body (lower body in week 2, 4 etc.)
Sat am spinning & a few upper body exercises as a depletion work out prior to carb loading.

I've made a few adaptations already in the 2nd/3rd week.
The swimming was not intense enough so I joined an aquajogging class.
Also the amt of carbs (20 g/day for a cyclical ketogenic diet) wasn't enough, so I took some extra carbs prior to the workouts & spinning class.
However, when I do a leg work out on Friday, the Sat spinning class is severely compromised.

So, I wanted to change my schedule.. but I don't know exactly HOW.

If I do aquajogging (running in deep water with a floatation belt and doing aerobic exercises at the same time) , and take 2 spinning lessons/week, is 1 lower body workout enough?

I plan to do something like
Mon aquajogging (evening)
Tues chest, back and abs
Wed spinnng
Thurs legs (quads, hamstrings, calves & gluteus)
Fri a small bike ride or a swim (to combat carb cravings)
Sat shoulders, biceps, triceps & spinning

The BFL routine is 12-10-8-6-12 reps with 1 exercise and then 12 reps with a second one for the same muscles.
Chest: db press & db flyes (I'd love to do an assisted chin up as well, very macha! Or is it for another muscle group?) I could also start benching, but sofar I like the smaller increments of db.
Back: now cable row & back extension, could change into or add underhand pull down and good morning.
Abs: seated abdominal machine & incline bench for obliques.

Legs, no change necessary I think.
Quads: leg press, leg extension
Hams: Rumanian deadlift, seated leg curl
Calves: leg press & standing calf raise
Gluteus: squat lunge, step up & standing gluteus (vanity, I know ).
I could also do the abduction/adduction WO for the long muscle at the inside of my thighs, but I'm wondering how effective that one is..
The big question is: shouldn't I split up the lower body because there are so many muscle groups here and also because i'm a cyclist?
In www.exrx.net I found just one other adaptation, with a 4-day split. But even there the leg muscles are done on one day, except for calves: Back & Biceps / Chest & Triceps / Thighs / Shoulders, Calves & Abs

shoulder: now shoulder press and lateral side raise
triceps: triceps extension & db kick back
biceps: biceps curl & preacher curl

Advice is welcome...

BTW I don't feel like cycling very much in addition to my program, but cycling to the gym (there's no public transport and I don't own a car) takes me about 45 minutes each way at a calm pace, so that's a total of around 150 km each week..

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Old 11-02-02, 12:15 PM
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I suggest you go with a full body circuit workout 2-3 times per week which is a good starter program insuring each bodypart gets worked several times /wk and is fast paced enough to reduce the need for cardio.See the weight lifting thread of P.B.Walker last month for specifics.For cardio I would suggest being somewhat instinctive going with it as long as it does not interfere with the weights(cause overtraining symptoms)and cut back some if it does.This is assuming you are prioritizing the weights .If you are prioritizing the cardio cut back on the weight sessions if you feel tired,run down etc. and this way you will still get one or two full body workouts in.By the way avoid EAS products as they are expensive due to being overmarketed/overhyped.Good Luck.
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Old 11-03-02, 10:01 PM
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To clarify my recommendation the weight program your on appears designed to build mass and should be supported by a relatively high calorie/carb diet and relatively limited cardio(say 3 times/wk at no more than 30 min./session)for maximum effectiveness and to avoid overtraining.As you appear to want to do more cardio and use a restricted carb diet I suggested a cutting weight training routine as being more appropriate to combine with less carbs and more cardio.Here the focus would be on cutting fat and toning muscles rather than building mass. But basically as these objectives are hard to persue at the same time(mass vs. cutting fat)you need to define what objective is more important to you at a particular point in time and focus on it and not try to combine to many conflicting objectives at the same time.You can use some form of periodization however where you train to cut for a period then mass for a period etc. and the ABCD diet you previously described would be an example of this. However if your not fairly advanced I suggest you start a program and stick with it a while and not make to many changes as consistentcy is perhaps the most important factor in sucessful weight training. Again Good Luck
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