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Skuda25 01-30-06 08:46 AM

Base/Endurance Miles Avg HRM
I am interested in what people's avg HRM for Endurance/Base Miles of rides in the 65 miles range this time of year.. My average heart rate is way down this year and I wonder what others are getting. I average 16/17 mph (for 65 miles - flat) and my avg HR is consistantly around 130 - 132. If anyone is doing similar distances, I would appreciate what they get for an average rate.

jslopez 01-30-06 12:45 PM

WEll the good news is if your average HR is down for the same speed then that could be an indicator of better overall health.

On the flip side it's kind of hard to start comparing HR, speed and effort averages as each person has different HR and riding conditions.

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