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Captain Crunch 11-06-02 05:58 AM

Weight Training Sites?
Does anyone know of some sites where I can find some cycling specific weight training routines?


lovemyswift 11-06-02 07:56 PM

I don't know of any web sites that specifically cover weight training for cycling. I use a book called "Weight Training for Cyclists" by Eric Schmitz and Ken Doyle. It's published by Velopress. It's a periodization program which means you lift hard when you are not riding hard and do maintence when you are doing a lot of riding. There is a monthly program to follow and suggested machines to do etc. I don't follow it exactly as far as what exercises I do but I follow the #of sets, reps and resistance faithfully. I like it because it is always changing and I never get bored. And I keep doing it for that reason. This is my 3rd year of following the program.

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