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wlevey 11-11-02 08:07 AM

Cateye CS1000 vs Kinetic "Road Machine
I have narowed it down to geting a trainer!

Now, does anyone out there have experience with or an oppinion about which of these to get??

I have narowed it down to the Kinetic "Road Machine" which is a fluid trainer with a heavy flywheel and is supposed to simulate a real ride well OR the Cateye CS1000 which is a combination wind and magnetic machine. The bike attaches front and back! The Cateye has the advantage of having a computer which gives information about speed, distance energy expended (I can get Cadence from my regular computer).

My quandry is this - They both have great features and selling points. I just can't decide if the computer should out weigh the fluid trainer or if I would do better to get a cheap computer and hook it up to the back wheel for the winter.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

RonH 11-11-02 09:44 AM


You're almost comparing apples and oranges.
The Kinetic is a fluid trainer with no feedback or adjustments, but very quiet.

The CS1000 (which I owned until a few weeks ago) has 7 resistance adjustments coresponding to a 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 7%, and 10% grade that can be adjusted while riding.
The fan can be disconnected for a slightly less noisy ride.
The computer gives instant feedback about time, distance, calories burned, watts, grade (resistance) setting, etc.
It also has an audible alarm you can set to signal when you have ridden for a preset time or distance.

If you have the space, don't mind the weight when moving it (my wife couldn't lift it), and don't mind the noise, get the CS1000. The CS1000 doesn't fold into a very small unit.

I had mine for 4 seasons and liked it a lot. Just didn't have the room for it (I ride in the living room - no basement, garage, or spare room).

I bought a CycleOps Magneto last month to replace it. Smaller (and folds up when not being used) and much quieter.

I like the CycleOps. It does a good job of simulating actual road riding and it's resistance levels are a lot like the CS1000 without the adjustment lever.

FYI: Someone in Atlanta got a deal on my CS1000. I donated it to the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign yard sale that was held Oct 26. I think it was the first item to sell.

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