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mike 11-23-02 07:09 PM

A lot has been written about the benefits of tea lately.

Has anybody noticed that drinking tea helps their performance in bicycling?

I studied tea ceremony when I was a university student in Japan. On the days of my cha-do (tea ceremony) classes, we would all drink several bowls of bright green pea-soup-thick ma-cha tea. It was fantastic for later book studying because it would literally keep me alert for two days with no sleep.

Recent trips to China have introduced me to Chinese tea ceremony which uses fermented teas like Te Guo In and other types of yellow or Oolong teas. It is refreshing, but an afternoon of that leaves me with a thundering headache.

I have noticed that if I put green tea in my water bottle at tournaments, I remain faster, stronger, and have more stamina than if I just drink water.

Has anybody been finding other benefits or drawbacks from various teas?

greywolf 11-24-02 12:29 AM

i fill my bottle with cold black tea with sugar ,sometimes with a little lemon juice added, thirst quenching, i dont know whether your body absorbs it quicker tho ?

late 11-24-02 10:39 AM

I drink Chai in the morning. I also have these green tea pills which I take a couple times a day.
I think they're a pretty good idea, but I have no idea how they might relate to performance.

willic 11-26-02 10:15 AM

Yes Mike,
On a long ride,say 50+ miles I always like to stop off for a pot of tea.
I always alocate my routes to take in stops with a good tea room.
And of course being an "Englishman" we are always noted for our ability to partake of a good brew.
I am not really fused as to what particular kind of tea i partake in as long as it is hot,sweet. and refreshing.
I believe it one of the best restorative drinks available, give me a pot of tea anytime over any of these fancy energy drinks, costing a small fortune.
After my tea break I always cycle on, feeling completely revitalised. :beer:

late 11-26-02 02:14 PM

you know, when it's hot; I just love iced coffeee. Especially Starbuck's Frappacino. Really gets the legs pumping....

SipperPhoto 11-26-02 02:43 PM

Have any of you tried Yerba Mate tea ? it is sorta liek a green tea, but not as bitter, at least to my palate. It is filled with antioxidents,a nd contains a caffeine derivative they call Mateine.. same sorta buzz, without the let down after it wears off... really smooth...


late 11-26-02 03:29 PM

oh yes, by itself and in the infamous
"Morning Thunder" tea. For the MT virgins in the crowd, when they say 'thunder', they ain't kidding. Yerba Matte is smooth, but I suspect you need to grow up with it to enjoy the taste. It's very popular in South America, but I could never get myself to like it,despite repeated efforts.
A caffeine substitute I do like is Numi's Bushman's Brew, which is a Honeybush tea. If you try it, ignore the directions, use a 10-12 oz cup for a bag, and brew not more than 3 minutes. Add plenty of honey.

Bandit 11-27-02 03:15 PM

tea slows me WAY down because it forces me to periodically stop and whiz.

sorry to be so crude in polite company, but them's the facts.

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