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Weightlifting to tone up but SORE?!

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Weightlifting to tone up but SORE?!

Old 03-28-06, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by cod3man
Hey C_Health,

Good job on picking up the weights. From what you have written it would just be that you are simply sore from using your muscles and all the tissue around it like tendons, ligaments and crap- you are not sore the day after from lactic acid. You will only feel lactic acid when you are lifting or shortly after. Your muscles and ligaments will swell and thus pain- soreness. Which is why resting is quite essential, more so then eating protein shakes and such. If you do feel the muscle just stretching and burning you should stop. You could be getting tendonitis, or a tear in the muscle. It does take time to build up to a point where you can lift for over an hour and not injure yourself. It also takes time build up to training a body part multiple times a week. Try to much to soon and you will have to take time off because of injury/ strain.

Also don't ask anyone here about weight lifting- like someone else said go to bodybuilding forums, they can give you great advice. Like I always wonder when I am in the gym- why would a out of shape person hire another out of shape person to tell what works and what doesn't? Obviously the trainer can't find what works for themselves... and I am not expecting Arnold S...

I actually like the soreness as long as it doesn't bother me from everyday activities. Nothing like blasting your chest and then the next day walking down some stairs and letting your tits bounce up and down from the stairs.
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Old 03-28-06, 12:09 PM
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It seems you know what type of soreness works for you. For someone starting who has no measuring stick it might be difficult. But I would agree about the no pain no gain idea- not sure about flapping tits though
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Old 04-08-06, 09:02 PM
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here ya go

Why are you sore? Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness. (DOMS) A good way to assist in getting rid of that is to do the same exercise which made you sore in the first place; however, utilizing a lighter weight... an extremely lighter weight. Probably a weight that allows you to complete 50 reps. What this does is allow blood to return to the muscle and assist in repair without damaging muscle fibers more. But you better get used to it. Until your body becomes stronger, expect DOMS more frequently. Just remember, more blood = more nutrients = faster recovery times. You also need to be taking your body weight in protein a day. Whey protein, not soy. You can buy a pretty tasty whey protein from GNC that is reasonably priced. It's called Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder. It mixes well, is not as clumpy as cheaper brands, tastes great even with water, and works well. I'm in the Army so I get this in the 5 lb. tubs at GNC for about $38. Or you can go to vigorousliving.com. They sell it for about $35 but it takes like 8-10 calendar days to get it. This is the best protein powder I have ever used. I take three 20 ounce Gatorade bottles, fill them with water and 1.5 to 2 scoops of this protein powder, a day. I also drink an extra half gallon or more of water. Doing this on top of eating 6-7 small meals a day works outstanding. But the meals need to be healthy, and I really mean SMALL meals. But not so small as to begin a catabolic type diet. I also supplement with flaxseed oil capsules, (3 a day) to get rid of un-wanted waste, fish oil capsules for the omega 3s, (3 a day), and a multivitamin. If you want to get smart on a really good program that works- read up on the ABS Diet by Men's Health. The eating portion works like it is supposed to, and you find out info about food, fats, carbs, etc. that most people are absolutely wrong about. The workout in there is just not hard enough for me. I lift weights 4 times a week. I commute to work, 13.4 miles one way, about 3 times a week. And I live in Barstow, CA. It get's a little hot and windy here. To develop leg strength, I do squats, calf raises, lunges, etc., and they are great for power. For endurance, you just gotta get on the bike and ride it.
Another method from which to lose weight is cardio based on your heart rate. Depending on what your goals are depends on what heart rate you want to lose weight on. Most people train to hard, in an anaerobic capacity, and try to go lift weights, (an anaerobic activity), and end up becoming burnt out really quick. If you want to burn fat- do cardio between 50-80 % of your max heart rate. You can determine your max heart rate by either taking 220 and subtract your age, or do it based off the Maffetone method, (which I am currently using). As for weight lifting, I can give you a program to begin with if you like, and we can critique it based upon your results. And that heart rate training to lose fat can be done on a bike, or running, or what ever you can as long as you are able to monitor it. A lot of triathletes use this to train, Lance armstrong used the same principle. Lance and others are monitored during races on different variables to include heart rate. Lance during the Tour de France would be passed by someone who was in their anaerobic threshhold while Lance was still in his aerobic threshhold. And he won. So it works.
If you would like to e-mail me with questions, feel free to do so at joval.eblen@us.army.mil
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Old 04-08-06, 11:19 PM
Its Freakin HammerTime!!!
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outstanding, thx for the detailed report, and as well, your very first post, WELCOME to the bike forums!

Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
I don't like any other exercise or sports, really.

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Old 04-10-06, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Pelon
A more realistic estimate is about 6 calories per pound of muscle (http://www.powerbar.com/NutritionRes...-B9A7A52BA4FA).
I've seen 50/calories per day in many referenced sources. Here's a couple: http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk...e_calories.htm

I could easily find a dozen more.

There are professional body builders who easily burn 8,000+ calories/day with little aerobic exercise. Their workouts consume approx. 1000 calories or less. The rest of the calories over approx. 2,500 calories, are simply maintenance for their muscle mass. At 6 calories per lb, they'd be taking in 1000's of calories too many, each day.

Whatever the number is, it's a lot higher than 6 calories/lb.
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Old 04-10-06, 03:14 PM
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Wow.... What a difference of opinions out there.... I have to say though, I agree with Yo- Going heavy is not a bad thing. You are sore due to the DOMS that you experience since you are introducing weights into your program. You are also on a calorie restricted diet, which will make it difficult to gain substancial muscle mass, even though you ingest protein shakes (although that will help resistance to catabolization of the muscle tissue). Also, a powerlifter routine will not "bulk" you up like you think. Powerlifting builds explosive strength, which is from what I think, useful in cycling. However, muscle endurance is also necessary. I would recommend cycling your workout with both power/strength weeks, and endurance weeks. Maybe 2/2 or whatever you are comfortable with. If you want, PM me. I can send you links that will keep you busy for months reading... Also, there is really no such thing as "TONE!!!!" Fat loss is the key. You have muscle that is shapely, it is the body fat that consumes you....
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Old 04-17-06, 05:35 AM
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Okay, probably just restating what some have already said but ... If you are in shape but not from weight training, you WILL get sore when you start lifting. If you are a weight lifter with good legs but don't run and then decide to throw sprints in for a change, you will get sore. Almost any change in routine might cause muscle soreness. It's happens but will get less and less. The soreness in not lactic acid build-up (that happens while working out) but more likely from small tears. I hate when I stop working out and start again because I know I will go through the "painful" part for a couple weeks. Heavy weight (this is relative) with few reps bulks up (at least that's how it worked for me) .. lighter weight with higher reps should define. Hmm .. I need to start again (riding and lifting) since it has been a couple years.
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