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EJ123 07-23-06 09:29 PM

Doltish shopper
I was at Whole foods getting some stuff, and I see this woman and her children gettin a few items. The woman is somewhat overweight. Then the mom says to her kids, "Hurry up lets get out of here and go to a Real grocery store." Garg what the!? Helo earth to lady, this IS the real grocery store! Surely you can go without buying highly overprocessed artifical foods. Dont people have some common sense? Im not sayin go eat whole type foods all the time, but those foods are generally better for peoples health.

Lecterman 07-24-06 04:19 PM

Jeez, she sounds like a real genius.

kuan 07-24-06 05:20 PM

What makes you think stuff in a can isn't processed, or organic white flour, or farm raised salmon? Or... that the canola oil chips are better or sheeps milk cheese is not innoculated? If you're worried about processing, just buy whole fruit, veggies, grains, and uh, raise your own meat.

Whole foods is a little fake. Half the stuff there could be gotten at a regular grocery store at better prices.

slowandsteady 07-26-06 02:55 PM

Just because someone markets this overpriced stuff to yuppies doesn't mean it is healthier. There are no standards for whole foods or organics. You want organic, grow your own garden and get some farm animals. I haven't had to buy an egg in years. I have 15 chickens and you can't beat fresh eggs from truly free-range chickens that eat not only grains, but my leftovers from dinner. Chickens are incredibly easy to care for. They take all of five minutes a day, and most of that is collecting the eggs. Yes, you too can get mailorder chickens.

CastIron 07-26-06 04:48 PM

I like Whole Foods, but gawd are they friggin' expensive. Even the full service, old school, grocers in town are far less expensive for many of the same items. Whole Foods seems to cater to the same Prius owners that think bicycle commuters are "part of the problem".

jim24 07-26-06 05:03 PM

Hate to say it, but Whole Foods isn't always un-processed. One of the ones where I used to live carried Prego and other "normal" brands with preservatives and such (it also smelled like rotting meat *shudder*).

Try Trader Joe's if you've got one near you. Also TONS cheaper than WF. Those of us in the Pac NW are fortunate to have Market of Choice, also.

caloso 07-26-06 05:13 PM

God forbid she might have to go to a farmers' market. They sell tomatoes that haven't been wrapped in plastic! That's down right unhygenic!

matagi 07-26-06 05:44 PM

We went to an organic farmer's market on the weekend and left without making a single purchase. Why? Because for some reason, everything was wrapped in plastic. I can go to the supermarket for that sort of stuff.

AnthonyG 07-26-06 06:08 PM

Originally Posted by caloso
God forbid she might have to go to a farmers' market. They sell tomatoes that haven't been wrapped in plastic! That's down right unhygenic!

OK your scarring me now. Even the big 2 supermarket chains in Australia sell fresh fruit and vegetables that are loose and not wrapped in plastic. You can buy them wrapped in plastic if you want but generaly there is a lot available loose.

I'm not a fan of proccessed, tinned, packaged organic food either. I buy fresh non organic food in preference.

Regards, Anthony

EJ123 07-26-06 08:10 PM

Im not saying Whole foods is completly un-processed. I meant that most of their foods are not as processed as some regular foods.

'nother 07-26-06 08:55 PM

Whole Foods ("Whole Wallet") has some great stuff but they are way overpriced on many items and they don't carry some basics that can be easily obtained elsewhere. I don't know that it makes it less "real" but I can easily see why someone would get frustrated trying to buy all of their necessities at Whole Foods.

I shop for meats and cheeses there and a few specialty items for my daughter who's allergic to milk, eggs, and nuts, but generally other items I need can be had at my local Safeway or Albertsons for much cheaper (including organic/"unprocessed" items).

Don't be fooled into thinking you're saving the world by shopping there. You're likely just draining your bank account....

EJ123 07-26-06 10:02 PM

Nope actually I do pretty mucht he same thing as you do especially with purchasing meat's and poulty at Whole Foods. I like Tom Thomb, and here we have a store called Market Street, which is pretty nice.

Zinn-X 07-26-06 10:13 PM

While I agree that Whole Foods is overpriced, much of their selection is a lot less processed than what you'd buy at a "real supermarket" ... Cheez Whiz? I Can't Believe It's Not Butter? Balongna? Fairly self explanatory, you're not gonna find that junk at a co-op.

There are certain things I would rather buy at a co-op; cereals, breads, produce and meats. All of which tend to be fresher and lower in junk calories. There's a great natural foods chain in California called Staff of Life. They're as cheap or cheaper than Safeway and Ralph's in pretty much everything except pre-sliced deli meat. Definitely worth a look if you have one in your area and you're sick of partially hydrogenated stuff.

fixedude 07-27-06 12:31 AM

Originally Posted by slowandsteady
There are no standards for whole foods or organics.

yes there are, from international standards (IFOAM) to national standards (USDA) to local standards (california organic farmers association).

as well as others that have standards beyond minimal inter/national standards, e.g. biodynamic (demeter).

slowandsteady 07-27-06 07:46 AM

Okay, so I should have said, they are not required to meet any standards.

kuan 07-27-06 08:13 AM

If you are going to label your product as organic then you have to comply. There are three categories of organic. 100% organic, organic (95% organic ingredients) and made with organic ingredients (75% organic ingredients).

EJ123 07-27-06 08:33 AM

Well I like that whole foods does not have as much partially hydrogenated foods as I would find at a regular kind. I found this one oreo cookie item at whole foods, it has no hydrogenated stuff, low sugars, and sort of low-cal, considering a real oreo is pretty bad in most areas.

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