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14 hours per week - How best to use them

I'd like help dividing up 14 hours a week available to work towards my goals.

The details
41 y.o. Fat baztard, 245#, 5' 10" been riding for 2 years, 100+ miles per week in season.
Goal is to increase speed from 15 avg to 17 avg (solo) as well stop being a fat bazdid, ultimately want to get below 200 but have been between 240 and 250 all season and very disappointed.
Last year I never could get my speed above about 14.2 to 14.5 and have done several rides this year at 16.5 so I am pleased by the progress but want more speed. Also at this point last year I had gone from 260# of pure blubber (before I ever rode) to a relatively solid and much thinner sub-230.

If I wasn't frustrated by the progress, especially compared to last year's weight loss, I wouldn't ask.


As to the weight concern: I really feel like I have done a somewhat decent job of eating better and controlling portions, but clearly something is wrong or I would not continue to hover around 245 all the time with that amount of miles. I realize saying no to hunger might help a little, as well as saying no to cookies, ice cream, chips, salsa, sour cream, steak, burgers , cheeseburgers, ribs, bacon doublecheeseburgers. I have always struggled with weight but am perplexed because all kiding aside, I have done a better job than I used to about cutting back on portions and also "calorie dense" foods like breads and pasta (except before longer rides).

Obviously getting lighter will help me go faster, but what else can I do now to get a little faster on rides that are 40-50 miles long? I have access to a gym with a stationary bike and weights, although many cyclists have warned me that weights are useless. (Not sure I agree. Leg press and extensions seem to help on hills.)

Anyhow, how would you, the most brilliant minds available for free (and sometimes even at a cost) divide up my schedule to assist me in reaching these goals.

I have about 7 hours available on weekends. Usually Saturdays are the "big" ride, 4-5 hours and 2 to 2 1/2 hours early Sundays. That leaves about 7 more hours over Mon - Friday. Cold season fitness should not be a problem, I usually can ride at least once or twice a week and have access to a very nice gym, which is where I worked on base last winter.

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For weight loss, you'll want to do steady effort sessions below your LT. If you don't know your LT, think if it as riding hard enough to be sweating but not panting.

If I were in your situation (and FWIW, I am ), I'd set up the trainer and do about an hour to 90 minutes a night on the trainer with one night off (probably Thursday or Friday to be rested for the big rides on the weekend).

Perhaps model something after Joe Friel's base1/2/3 periods.
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3 to 4 hours rides 4 times a week should help you lose weight.
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It is hard to both lose weight and improvement performance at the same time.

I'd suggest that you buy yourself a copy of "south beach diet" and start there. You need to change what you eat, not merely try to "cut down" on what you eat while still eating the unhealthy stuff. South beach does need to be modified for active individuals, but it's a very good start for an overall healthy diet.

You should also look at what you're eating while you ride. I recommend eating enough while on the bike so that you aren't ravenously hungry when you get off the bike - look to replace the carbs you burn on the ride, and then eat normally afterwards. That got rid of the "eat a whole meal, still hungry" syndrome after a long ride.

You can make speed gains by doing some intervals. I'd suggest ones where you do 3 minutes just about your LT, and then 3 minutes below your LT to recover. Repeat 4 or 5 times.

You might also consider buying carmichael's "food for fitness" and/or "the ultimate ride". Both will give you lots of useful information.

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All this exercise and not losing weight

Have you had a physical in the last season? All blood work complete and within normal range? If not, get checked out. If checked out, other than the other suggestions posted so far, keep a food diary. Tho making better food choices, it seems that you are consuming enough calories to maintain current weight, not to lose weight. Diaries are a pita, but, if honest kept up down to tic tacs and chewing gum, it will show you exactly how much you are consuming.
If you are a www person, you can google and get pretty much what you need.
Also, our bodies need water for metabolic processes to happen. If you are like me, I'll grab a diet drink, tea, anything but water when I'm not cycling. Well, that doesn't count as water needed to make my body work.
Also, if you get the 3 in the afternoon sleepies-- your body may be thirsty. If your like me, and you want something to eat or think you want something to eat, but not sure for what, you may be thirsty.
Good luck. I'll keep watching. I've been trying to lose extra pounds since having a baby at 38. I just WISH it were something that a pill could fix...
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