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Old 05-28-07, 07:54 PM   #1
Ernesto Schwein
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Bee, Wasp, Hornet thread

My location has been suffering a plague of Hornets for two summers in a row. Saturday was not an unusual ride, 100k and I got stung twice. Last year it got so bad I started wearing arm warmers in July after picking up 4 stings on one ride. The typical locations are shins, neck and hands. I wonder if there are any solutions (besides moving) or long term side affects?
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I got stung by a bee while going 40 down a hill a couple weeks ago. It was the first time I've been stung by a bee in my life. I've had lots of hornet and wasp stings, but the bee sting swelled up and hung around itching for a few days. No idea how to prevent it. I've been pretty lucky, so far.
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I assume you are wearing bright colors? I've read to wear tan, white or gray to help keep from getting stung...

That won't help you stand out in traffic though.

Unscented deodorant could help. They can be attracted to things like the sun reflecting off of chrome or other shiny surfaces too. Make sure you don't swat at them, much less squish one, you're definitely asking for it then.

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Prevention? See if you can figure out a pattern to where they are (near an orchard) and avoid that area? Long term effects - you could develop allergic reaction and have more serious effects. As a kid I had little reaction aside from the pain, some swelling and maybe itching later. Now, I am allergic and swell bad - finger sting = sta-puft marshmallow arm, as far as the elbow; face/neck sting = Epinephrine & emergency room. If you have a reaction, benadryl helps counter the histamine reaction in your body.
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..a penny for your ...bee stings, bug bites..

Some one told me about placing a penny(or anything copper) onto the bite or sting for a minute or two. I don't know how it works, but it does for me and my wife. It has just saved us a trip to "urgent care" this afternoon. She was bitten, or stung by something on her toe. It proved to be very painful and swelled quickly. We used salt brine on the penny, and within a few minutes the pain disappeared. No one told me to use the salt paste, but that is the way I apply it on the road, sliding the penny over my sweat.
I encounter a lot of bugs and bees where I ride. They are so bad, I use a helmet with the screen in the vents to Keep them out of my hair. It works real well as long as you keep your speed up. I carry a "Benadryl Allergy" capsule in my seat pack, and have had to use it in the pass. I still carry it ,but I'm now using the Penny.
Just yesterday I had a bee hit me in the face, got caught in my lips, he couldn't get free and I could tell what was next. I was able to knock him from my lips before he stung me. If they get caught in your collar or clothing and can't get loose, they will sting.
I avoid the routes with cattle and horses that graze near the road. The horse flies around them will attach to the back of your jersey in your blind spot(the place you can't slap). I have had them bite through the leather on my glove, into my hand before I knew what it was.
I hope someone can enlighten us on the penny method, and does it really work scientifically, until then, I wouldn't leave home without it. P. S.- if the stinger is in, pull it out first.
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