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Need some motivation.

Went to dr. last week to find out why I feel tired all the time. they drew blood, got some of the results back to day. so far everything is fine. the thyroid has yet to come back. if it is negative the dr. wants me to have a sleep study done.

he thinks the reason could be i'm not getting the deep r.e.m. sleep a person needs. the reason for this could be because of a sleep disorder, or even apnea. if its not apnea and some other disorder the dr.'s thinking it could be because i'm fat. he told me that being fat does affect a person's sleep. he asked if i snore, i told him my wife says i do, really loud. he thinks it might be because my breathing is being cut off at night so my body wakes itself up so i can regain my breathing thus i'm not getting the deep r.e.m. sleep i need.

i asked him what treatment options are there for this. he said quite simply lose weight. i then asked him if i feel tired from not getting enough sleep and rest how can i possibly go to the Y and exercise to lose weight? he said you'll have to force yourself to do so if you want to get the sleep you need.

so heres where you good folks come in. I need some positive motivation so i can force myself to do this. words of encouragement, etc.

i'm still waiting for one more blood test to come back then i'll probably have the sleep study done. but i need to get a start on this right away.

i do not need to know how to eat and exercise properly, i already know all of that. its putting the exercise into practice and use is what i need help with.

maybe others here who are fat is suffering from the same problem, or there are those that need to lose weight for other reasons. well lets help each other.

has anyone else ever had a problem like this? what were the solutions to solve it so you could get sleep & rest you need?

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well, one technique i've used is to make a game of it. record your weight every couple of days and watch it improve. i broke my leg one year, really badly, and spent a few years subsequently on the couch. it was hard coming back, especially since i'd gained 30 pounds. but i made it a game to see how much i could lose and it came off pretty fast.

the best part about getting fit will come after about your first two weeks, when you start to feel really good about yourself. the hard part will be until then, when you're sore, tired, and weak. just knowing that you'll be feeling good in a relatively small span of time also helps motivation.
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You need a new bike
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How about these motivators:

1. Heart Disease - kill you dead
2. Diabetes - causes impotence, loss of extremeties
3. High Blood Pressure - stroke, paralysis, kill you dead
4. Gallstones - painful, requres surgery
5. Gout - very painful

Not afraid of the Grim Reaper? Think you're immortal? Then how about these consequences of not being obese:

1. Positive self image
2. Well fitting clothes
3. Complements from friends and coworkers
4. Better sex

Still not good enough? You need short term stuff? Try these:

1. Throw your TeeVee in the trash can where it belongs. Now you have one less distraction.
2. Get your spouse to help. No workout, no sex.
3. Sign up to the President's Challenge and start earning awards for your exercise.
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Disgruntled Planner
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N_C, I started biking about two and a half months ago. AT the time, I weighed 325 pounds. I have been watching what I eat, commuting to work and school, and trying to get in about 15 miles per day for the past month and a half. Since the middle of September, I have lost 64 pounds. I'm not going to say it was easy to start. Mny days, I was hurting so bad that the last thing I wanted to do was get back on my bike, but I did... every single day. Now, none of my clothes fit and everyone comes up to me to give me compliments on the amount of weight I've lost in this short time. I feel great, and while I'm not nearly on par with most of the guys on this board, I am an ecstatic that I can bike 25 or so miles at one time without hurting too bad (alhough a nice soak in the tub feels pretty good when I get home). Anyway, YOU CAN DO IT! I have tried every exercise program you can think of, and biking is what I can stick with. I love it!
Good Luck!
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maybe others here who are fat is suffering from the same problem, or there are those that need to lose weight for other reasons. well lets help each other.

Ok do what I did and listen to CHEESY Madonna for as long as necessary

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Keith's idea may work well for you. Not only keep track of your weight, but keep a log of how far you have walked or cycled, what your resting heart rate is, dimensions of various parts of your body (you know what I mean!!), how much you ate, and also how well you slept.

Look for modest improvements to keep you motivated....see if you can keep adding 10-15 minutes to your rides or walks each week. See if you have to cinch your belt a little tighter from month to month. Maybe your RHR will go down. These are all little things but in reality, it's the little things that will keep you motivated. And by measuring a numner of little things there is usually some good news....maybe you might stay at the same weight for a few weeks, but then you also managed your first 1 or 2 hour ride......focus on the positive. And settle in for the long-haul.
I use to track my weight and calorie consupmtion. I use my Polar 710 HRM and software to track time spent exercising, resting HR and other acheivements. This is just what works for me. I tried similar things before, but this last time everything just seemed to click. I started with a plan of what I wanted to do exercise wise each week and just kept going from there. This might not work for you, but it's worth a try.

There are other treatments for sleep apnea......but losing weight is probaly the safest and most convenient way to go. Although weight is not the only cause of that condition. Have the test as it may not even be sleep apnea. I had a sleep test a few years ago as I would wake up often with headaches. My doctor thought it could be apnea. Turns out it wasn't and I never really found out why I had those headaches.
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I think the best thing you can do for yourself is find something that you like to do, weather its biking, walking or whatever. Because if you dont enjoy doing it you most likely wont stick with it very long. My first bike almost 2yrs ago now was bought at Wally World on a whim (and it was in clearance). I wore 2 of them out in the course of a year and a half, but found something I LOVE to do .... ride. I started off wanting to lose weight and get off the couch... But now its not really about the weight (although I still like looking at the scale and seeing my weight go down ) Now riding has just become part of my lifestyle, if that makes any sense. If im not riding im thinking about my next ride and when im riding i'm STILL thinking about my next ride LOL One of the biggest suprises was taking my blood pressure about a month ago. When I first started riding I had really high blood pressure now its not even in the high-normal range... its just normal without medication.

Just start off slow and easy whatever you do, that way you wont get hurt or burn yourself out. And keep us posted because we all need a little motavation now and then.
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Are we having fun yet?
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If you do have sleep apnea, you should understand that your weight is directly related to your apnea. Because of the loss of deep sleep caused by apnea, one tends to eat to stay awake and becomes stuck in a cycle of poor sleep, eating to stay awake--which causes weight gain--and weight gain which makes the apnea worse, causing one to eat even more to stay awake.

The good news is that obstructive sleep apnea is easily treatable with a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure)machine. The CPAP machine inflates the airway in your throat so it does not close and restrict your breathing. You do not wake up hundreds of times during the night; you sleep deeply and are not tired all day.

If you have a sleep study, make sure you have a split study--half the night to see if you do have apnea, and the other half of the night to try CPAP and determine an adequate air pressure. Do a Google search for apnea and CPAP; there's lots of good information out there.
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Don't Believe the Hype
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i like this thread because the nice and helpful ads that link to the subject content is advertising Rx sleeping pills quick and easy. way to go BF!!
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