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revdave27 09-05-08 10:02 PM

I got back in the saddle today after a good 15 years. I need to lose weight something fierce but also I need to get in shape! So today I got a bike and when I got home i road around the block a few times... It was so hard! Now I am sore... my neck, shoulders and upper back feel like I haven't used them in years(may actually be true). Can it be that I was riding to tense?

I don't want to end up discouraged and have my bike sit in my garage... any training tips for us fellas that need to lose weight? I think the diet part will be the hardest... Uggh...

valygrl 09-05-08 10:34 PM

Good on ya for getting started!!! Just keep at it, all your parts need to get used to the new activity.

Did you have professional help selecting the bike size? Upper body pain *might* be a sign that the bike is too long or too short for you. If it continues, look into getting help to adjust the handlebar height and stem length (may need to swap to different length stem, but that's pretty cheap).

Don't give up!

To keep your butt happy, wear bike shorts, with no underwear.

RE: the food angle - well yes that is darn hard. there are lots of online tools out there to help you quantify your food intake and energy expenditure. It helped me a lot to record EVERYTHING I ate for a while, to understand where the calories are creeping in. And be aware that the calories-burned calculators are usually too high - so err on the side of saying you are burning less, and eating more, than you think.

My mantra:
"Hunger is the feeling fat makes as it leaves your body."

aham23 09-06-08 06:11 PM

congrats on getting back in the game. you just need time and miles to adjust. you will be sore and it will be hard at first. just keep chugging away. later.

slim_77 09-06-08 08:29 PM

+1 to the above and my own congrats for getting back on the bike!

Physical adjustments take time. Your body will adapt to the new activity; however, neck and shoulder pain are probably more a fit issue. If you used to ride alot your position on the bike *now* ought to be different than what it was 15 years ago, especially given your weight gain. Are you riding a road bike? If so, the drop from saddle to the bars may be too great and this would put too much pressure on the neck, shoulders and back.

Pedalandshift 09-07-08 06:51 AM

Yes, be patient with yourself. Biking is way cool!

My mantra: whole foods! I've lost 65 pounds in 4 years. 45 of that was just by staying away from bad food choices. You get smart after a while and it gets easier. Next thing you know you're a fit, self-rightous, pedal pushing Fred!

I highly recommend "Eat, Drink, Be Healthy" by Walter Willet. NOT a diet book. But, rather, a book about nutrition based on solid, long term research. Very accessible.

Good luck,

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