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Ride quality and hunger?

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Ride quality and hunger?

Hey, all.

As I posted about quite a bit on the Road Cycling forum, I just completed my first century since March, and I noticed today that my hunger is on overdrive mode today. I ate a pretty big breakfast (five small egg white omelet with cheese, four waffles with syrup and light orange juice), but two hours later I was feeling pretty hungry! I ate a little less than eight ounces of oatmeal with brown sugar with coffee to subside, and two hours later the cycle restarts.

Is this normal after a long ride like that? I didn't go hard on that ride except in a few spots, and while I do a much harder commute two (or three) days a week, I don't get hunger pangs like I have today. I've felt this before, but mostly when I was just getting really serious about cycling (i.e. cycling almost every day).
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happens to me too. the body needs carb and i just keep shoving them down my pipe hole . i just eat and go with the flow. it is why we ride hard right?? later.
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Why don't you try adding a little protein and fat, that might keep you satiated for longer.
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Here's my amateur take on it. The body stores carbohydrates in the liver and right in the muscle tissues themselves. These stored carbs are called glycogen, and they're used for energy during sustained exercise. Glycogen is used up (depleted) after several hours of sustained exercise--such as a century ride.

After the ride, the body will make a high priority of replenishing glycogen levels in the liver and muscle tissues. This requires the consumption of a lot of carbs (I think a couple hundred grams, IIRC). Some people say it's best to mix the carbs with some protein.

The usual reccomendation is to eat carbs before and during the long ride. Then eat more carbs right after the ride, and every couple hours for the rest of the day. You don't have to eat special recovery products, IMO. Real food works at least as well, and also tastes a lot better.

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Another thought - if you eat a significantly larger meal than you're used to, and it's carb-heavy, you're probably spiking your blood glucose levels for a couple of hours, and then they're going to crash. A fast drop in blood glucose levels generally creates intense hungry feelings in people.
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if you're exercising, you need the fuel.

i wouldn't be surprised if you burned 4 200kcal on that ride. you need the energy back. i did a century yesterday as well. i'm still eating .
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