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whiplashsmile 09-19-08 04:53 AM

training my way to less of me...
I've lost 40 pounds in 99 days. Simply by drinking only water throughout the day (I vaguely remember what beer tastes like) and riding 2000 miles in the same time frame. The other thing I've tried to do is make sure I burn as many or more calories every day as I'm taking in.

The hard part starts today, my 45th B day by the way, I want to lose 15 pounds by the end of the year. I expect this 15 will not be nearly as easy as the first 40. I'm 5'9 and currently weigh in at 180.

Should I stick with the same routine? I'm not really interested in the drastic results I've had over the last 40 pounds. My goal is 5 pounds a month for the rest of the year. Once I'm at 165 I'll just ride and hopefully have a habit of eating sensibly. I plan to continue riding either outside or on my trainer throughout the winter as well as running 1 or 2 days a week for about an hour each day.

I'm also supplementing with Whey a couple times a day.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

aham23 09-19-08 07:03 AM

no. you need to find a healthy diet and/or eating habits that will last. not a gimmick or tirck or whatever you are doing as you dont really explain. you can eat food, drink beer, count calories, ride your bike and lose weight. later.

whiplashsmile 09-19-08 07:36 AM

Not a lot to explain, I'm riding a lot and running a couple times a week. I have cut out beer and am trying to eat something like a bowl of Cheerios w/ skim milk or yogourt for breakfast, sensible lunch, Cliff bar or Hammer bar about an hour before I ride then, depending on my ride I'm eating 1 or 2 Hammer bars over the 2 hour ride. Dinner is usually very lite. I'm supplementing with ON Whey in the morning, directly after my ride and sometimes, depending on how hard I rode, a second Whey shake later in the evening. I'm snacking on rice cakes (the apple cinnamon rocks!).

That's pretty much been my routine as of late.

I feel like I need to better understanding "good carbs" so I have better energy throughout the day and on rides. However, I intend to lose about 5 pounds a month. That is the goal I am going to continue working towards for the next 3 months.

SeanMA 09-19-08 08:00 PM

OP, can I ask why you're supplementing with whey protein?

Granted, I don't know you, but the average American gets more than enough protein in their diet. Any protein the body doesn't need will be converted to fat. Not to mention whey's expensive stuff, and basically a waste if you're meeting your protein requirements (about .8g/kg body weight).

Just curious

CbadRider 09-19-08 08:13 PM

Focus on changing your eating habits for the long run. I've kept my weight within 5 lbs for the last 12 years. It took me several years to change my eating habits to where I automatically cut back and stopped eating when I was about 80% full. I have not 'dieted' in years. If I want pizza, I have pizza, but only 1 or 2 slices, not 4 or 5. I have found that if I exclude certain food groups I only want them more. Congrats on losing the 40#! Make exercise a part of your life. I use cycling as stress relief instead of chocolate (as I sit here eating dark chocolate M&Ms...)
If you make a concerted effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle of moderation and exercise, the weight loss will happen naturally.
Good luck!

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