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bloke 09-20-08 02:56 PM

best books on training?
So far I have got two: The Cyclist's Training Bible and High Performance Cycling. They arrived yesterday from Amazon. I'm planning to buy the best books available and chose these based on the reviews on Amazon. Any more worth buying?

Velodiva 09-20-08 04:24 PM

I just bought Faster Better Stronger by Eric Heiden and Max Testa (both M.D.s). It is not cycling specific, but an excellent back to basics book. Max is also an exercise physiologist, was team physician for the pro 7-11 cycling team and trained Levi & Lance. Eric as most people know is 5 time Olympic gold medalist in speed skating whow ent on to pro cycling. Last week, I met Eric and Max at a book signing at Bicycle Outfitters in Los Altos, CA. They were very approachable and interested in everyone's cycling activities. Highly recommend the book!

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