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arexjay 09-22-08 04:51 PM

Base miles or technical training?
I'm looking to enter as a CAT 5 racer when the season starts up next year.

As of right now (mid September), should I be putting in base miles, or should I start doing the more technical stuff like intervals, hills, etc.? I figure I'll just do base miles until mid November/December.

starfishprime 09-22-08 05:34 PM

Well, since your primary goal at Cat5 should be to not crash, I say base miles.

J.Lockdown 09-22-08 05:40 PM

It kinda depends were you are in your riding. You need to have a good amount of endurance so the base miles will give you that long distance riding ability. Hills are never a bad thing to do be doing so throw those in the mix.

HammyHead 09-22-08 05:46 PM

base miles
During the fall/winter it's important to build a base, including some hill work. But I'd wait on the speed work until about 8 weeks before your first race - no sense doing that now... Everyone's different... :twitchy:

Here's some interesting links that might help:

Oh yeah - have fun!

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