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Daily energy supplement?

Old 06-16-04, 02:49 PM
Bryan T
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Daily energy supplement?

I'm wanting to get back into upper body weight workouts.
I ride maybe eighty commuter miles a week, and am looking for
recommendations for a supplement of some sort.

I spent from '94 through '99 doing dedicated regular weight workouts,
but I wasn't cycling much then, and for reasons I won't bore you with I
got sidelined and haven't found a way to re-muster the energy to stay committed.

I'm forty-five, 6'8", around 190 pounds. I know how to eat the correct amounts of
the right foods, and usually do.
I know I can eat more pasta, watch sugar and caffiene intake, etc etc etc
but I'm interested in an extra something-or-other to have spare energy to
do the weights.

I have no issues with ingesting a good sort of supplement, like a powder to mix with
milk or water, specifically designed to increase energy reserves.
(I won't do ephedra or anything besides coffee that jumps up your heart rate.)

Any suggestions?
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Old 06-16-04, 03:38 PM
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There have been a lot of posts recently about lifting weights and protein shakes. I do a mix of cardio (biking and light running) and weights for the upper body. I also take in lots of protein, typically chicken breast, fish, breans and a little bit of red meat. I also drink a protein shake (whey) everyday. In the past two years, I put on about 10 lbs or so and I'm happy where I am (41yo, 5'11", 175lbs). Now I just want to crank up the intensity of my workouts to shape my body and not necessarily bulk up.
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With a balance diet you should have plenty of energy for a workout. If however you find that you donít you could try the following before relying on something else.

Eat something an hour before your workout. If in the morning, an english muffin with a little bit of peanut butter. I often eat a cliff bar with my morning espresso then hit the gym after I'm awake. If this doesnít cut it, try mixing a sports drink and sip on that during your workout. Later in the day just work out the timing so you will have eaten at least an hour before hand.

You are better off doing it with food alone then you are relying on a cacophony of bee pollen, ginseng, caffeine, yohimbee etc ad nauseum...

After your workout the same rules apply as they do with endurance sports, eat within that 30 - 90 minute window of opportunity that capitalizes on your bodyís willingness to refill your glycogen stores. This is the very best thing a person can do to feel energetic for the next days workout, regardless of type.
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