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arexjay 10-23-09 01:19 PM

Vanity issue: double chin
I'm in good shape, and it seems as if my body is at or close to ideal performing conditions with regards to body fat percentage. However, I still have the "double chin" fold(s).

Just extra skin? Fat accumulated in certain places and less so in others?

Does anyone else get this? It seems that I hardly see other fit cyclists with double chin folds.

(I'm not going to go starve myself or anything, just curious).

ericm979 10-23-09 05:04 PM

Hard to say without pics and a reliable body fat measurement but chances are you could lose more fat if you wanted to. Loose skin in that area usually doesn't form a double chin, it bunches up vertically.

rumrunn6 11-03-09 03:26 PM

I've got it on my pecs. The best I can do is train hard all around and reduce my body fat overall. I've got good strong well developed (no overdeveloped) pecs but this area is a darned crummy place to accumulate fat. I don't have the man boob condition but you might have a double chin condition. for me surgery is out of the question and not really needed so long as I watch my body posture when shirtless. if the rest of you is trim but you have this area bothering you - I would say surgery is a reasonable option. I'm strongly considering hair restoration.

C_Heath 11-03-09 03:43 PM

<<<<< has back fat.

Oh and chin probs too. but I have a 33 waist.

Its called problem areas.

adacas 11-03-09 07:41 PM

everybody accumulates body fat in different places and ways. I identify with rumrunn6 with the pec thing. I'm 5'11 a 32 waist but I weigh 180lbs and don't look very muscular. Also it could just be the design of your chin. A lady friend of mine doesn't have a very protruding chin and so a lot of times when she's unaware it looks like a double chin

gkelley 11-05-09 09:39 PM

grow a beard?

gvonne 11-07-09 09:09 AM

I've got the same thing. 5'10" & 150 and still got it. I call it skinny fatman syndrome(thanks mom and dad). I think it's just genes. As far as pros go I think Cadel Evens and Floyd Landis also have it. I became ok with knowing I'm in very good shape even though I don't look like Contador or the Schleck brothers.

captnfantastic 11-08-09 03:28 AM


Originally Posted by gkelley (Post 9992700)
grow a beard?


waynejohnson 12-30-13 03:56 AM


Originally Posted by ericm979 (Post 9914004)
Hard to say without pics and a reliable body fat measurement but chances are you could lose more fat if you wanted to. Loose skin in that area usually doesn't form a double chin, it bunches up vertically.

the only way to get rid double chin try double chin exercises

bmontgomery87 12-30-13 06:33 AM

People store fat in different places. I'm relatively lean in my legs, torso, etc. But I always tend to hold onto some fat around my pecs and in my upper arm area.

Myosmith 12-30-13 07:13 AM

How old are you and were you once heavier? When you are young and lose a lot of weight, the skin will eventually tighten up over time. The older you get, the slower and less completely this happens. I'm 50 and have lost quite a bit of weight over the last several years and have more to go. Unfortunately, my skin will never be as tight as it would be if I had always been lean and I will either have to put up with loose spots and extra folds or have surgery. I'm not terribly vain so I probably won't have surgery unless the excess skin is causing some sort of problem.

If you recently lost a good amount of weight, give it a year or two to see how much the area firms up.

bmontgomery87 12-30-13 07:32 AM

gotta agree with the "grow a beard" recommendations. My face is rather soft/round looking and I get a bit of a double chin depending on my bodyweight.
throw a beard on your face and your jaw line will look defined and everything looks better.

give it a try.

DataJunkie 12-30-13 08:31 AM

I am in the low 150s and headed back to the low 140s for race season. Even at 140 I have fat in irritating places from when I weighed 220lbs. It is what it is. Grow a beard or live with it are your best options IMHO.

bmontgomery87 12-31-13 08:50 AM

do you do any strength training?

aside from losing weight, improving your general body composition will have a positive effect on how trouble areas look. or at least take some attention away from those areas

DataJunkie 01-03-14 07:52 AM

I do.

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