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jays35 12-30-09 06:19 PM

Best rollers for the money?
Wanting to buy a set of rollers for winter training. Anyone want to recomend a get set for the money? Don't want to spend over $200+.



Nashbar has a set for $99. Are they worth it?

Carbonfiberboy 12-30-09 06:48 PM

I don't think they fold, otherwise probably fine. The Performance Inertial Travel Trac rollers are $300 and have resistance. I much prefer rollers with resistance.

flip18436572 12-31-09 08:26 AM

Check your local craigslist and see what is there. You can also post up on your local craigslist and see how many people want to get rid of theirs. I got Minoura rollers for $50.00 and I had three other people trying to get rid of theirs at the same time with my one post in less than 24 hours.

millennium 01-01-10 12:49 AM

Never used this Nashbar one. Tacx is my pick for best for money, but it breaks your budget a bit (maybe find it on eBay?):

jdott 01-01-10 09:55 AM

If you can't get a unit with resistance, make sure to get rollers that are around 3.25 inches or less in diameter. The bigger the rollers, the easier the ride.

2005trek1200 01-01-10 11:32 AM

performance travel trac pros, i have them, plenty off resistence for me though i am a superlightweight. 118 lbs

C_Heath 01-02-10 07:40 PM

I have some kreitler 4" for $100

shipping is extra.

BloomBikeShop 01-07-10 09:36 AM

I have the Performance Travel Trac rollers and really like them. Cost is usually $100-150 (depends if they're on sale.) The Nashbar ones are probably about the same thing except they don't fold for easy storage and transport.

My review of the Travel Trac rollers:

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