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LoRoK 01-13-10 03:01 AM

For the roller riders, how much and how often?
I'm really loving the new set of rollers I got for xmas (thanks me). I'm noticing that after time on the rollers, I actually have more energy and find myself riding more outdoors, I just get the itch and sometimes I'll head out for a midnight flight for 20-30 miles just because I can, instead of just the daily commuting. Anyway, I'm wondering how often you ride your rollers, how long you ride, and if you only ride them during the winter. Right now I'm riding them for about an hour & 15 minutes daily at an average cadence of about 100rpm. Am I going to burn myself out?

Carbonfiberboy 01-13-10 09:15 AM

I ride rollers year-round. I'm in the PNW and when it's raining, it's a big time saver not to have to clean or lube a bike. In the winter, I only ride outside on weekends. I periodize my training, so the roller rides start out shortish and get longer as we get toward March. I also use gym equipment in winter - spin bike, cross trainer, stepmill, so I don't get so bored with the rollers.

calamarichris 01-15-10 11:37 AM

I ride them year-round also, despite living in the coastal desert north of San Diego.
They certainly get more use in the winter when it gets dark immediately after I get off work, but I love my rollers--I can do one-legged drills, intervals and consistent/repeatable tests without having to worry about making stoplights or the wind direction that day.
Even in the summer when we have 3-4 hours of daylight after work, I still like to ride them at least once a week to keep my spin supple.
(The Killer Headwind attachment + TdF vids MAKES it.)

stacey3272 01-16-10 07:53 PM

I am new and need to find a trainer or what are these rollers youare talking about. i live in Mn very chilly right now. I have to start training for a 300 mile ride end july. I am starting out fresh so I need all the time on a bike as I can. How do they work and whats the cost involved

jdott 01-16-10 10:36 PM

It's hard to give a general answer. I certainly prefer my rollers over the trainer, but use both. If the conditions permit, I ride outside as much as possible. With a 17 hour week, there are not enough videos to make riding inside anywhere near as enjoyable as outside. I have done 150 inside in one sitting this season - alternating between the rollers and trainer. The most I've ever done straight is 3 hours on the rollers - seems like most of my teammates top out around 2 hours. Just ride them. They certainly help. I definitely see improvements outside after a couple sessions. I'll be taking my rollers along with me for warmups before my races this year instead of the trainer this year.

droobieinop 01-17-10 01:02 PM

Originally Posted by stacey3272 (Post 10279068)
I am new and need to find a trainer or what are these rollers youare talking about. ... How do they work and whats the cost involved

Rollers are like a treadmill minus the wide belt. The rollers, cylinders in a frame, are lined up to support your wheels and you ride on these. It is free of support so you have to balance. Considered by many to be the closest to road indoors, next to a velodome.

Prices can vary greatly and design also differs. Some models can be found with a fork mounting bracket, I have one of these (cheap performance bike), for those who haven't suppressed their fear of falling over.

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