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Injured and missing training?

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Injured and missing training?

Old 03-07-10, 12:18 PM
would rather be biking
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Injured and missing training?

This is a thread where you can vent about your injury, and how it is cutting into your training time. If anyone has experienced the same injury, feel free to offer input on what has worked for you, etc.

Personally, I hit mountain biking a bit too hard after 2 months off this winter and ended up with posterior tibial tendinitis in the left ankle. Since Feb first I've been using NSAIDS, following RICE, got better insoles for the sneaks and it is sloooowwwlly getting better.

I've been strength training (only eccentric workouts for the calf, so as not to make the injury worse), trying to maintain mass, but I can't even think about getting on a bike for another month. Mentally, it's killing me. There's a spring training series going on very close to my house too. boo!

What are you all dealing with? How's it coming? Recovery time? Have at it.
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Old 03-07-10, 04:41 PM
Bulimic Arsonist.
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Mid January I jumped off my trainer with shooting testicle pain. Stupidly, I decided to wait two days before it went away. I went into the ER and after an ultrasound that confirmed I would get to keep my testy, I was diagnosed with epididymitis and put on cipro. I took it fo a whole of 2 days.
I wasn't told not to excercise while on cipro, and now I have tingling electric pain in my legs, arms, sharp pains in my joints, tendonitis in my right wrist and left ankle, both knees...I'm a mess. I was put on doxy instead and at least the ball pain went away...but....
Moving hurts. This is hard for me. I've been missing work because of it. Never take cipro.
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Old 03-07-10, 09:59 PM
Don't Believe the Hype
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Early February I severely sprained my knee playing hockey. After verifying that there was no tears (ACL or MCL) or meniscus damage, I RICE'ed and did everything to get ready for the season and so continue playing hockey. Mission accomplished, but the knee still locks up on me when in one position too long. My lateral movement is 90-95%.

RICE and ... not reinjuring it helped me. If it was during the season I'd jump.
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Old 03-07-10, 10:15 PM
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I had to take levaquin for an infection, and it royally messed up my joints for a long while.
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Old 03-09-10, 01:35 PM
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I've been trying to get back to my training since December so I could continue my career this summer as a casual weekend warrior.
But injury upon injury is getting in the way. Currently I'm experiencing pain in the back, knee, foot and hip all because of osteoarthritic type of injuries. Right now, the right knee is painful to the point where I can't run on the treadmill anymore.
I'm in New York City/ Brooklyn and I'm trying to find a good all around Physiatrist/orthopaedist to go to so I can get evaluated from top to bottom. But finding a "good" one that takes my insurance is very very hard.
I'm also looking for one that is experienced in platelet rich plasma injection therapy.

I don't suppose any of you can offer some advice?
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Old 03-09-10, 02:33 PM
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IT Band on new years eve ride. got me off the hills and backed off commuting. trying to get some riding on the weekends but it's been difficult due to other weekend obligations. I keep my training going with other sports such as swimming; running and weight training - if you can call weight training a sport
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Old 03-11-10, 12:07 PM
would rather be biking
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Do a lot of walking for my job and the ankle started acting up a lot the other night. It was just starting to feel pretty good too. Man, I hope this isn't something I deal with all of my life like I hear some people do.

Incase anyone is in the same boat - icing for 10 mins to reduce inflammation, and then soaking in hot water works well, but is quite temporary. NSAIDS still help the most, but should be low dosage, or they can lead to GI problems. I'm excited to try exercises for the posterior tibialis once the swelling goes down, because I heard they're extremely beneficial.
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Old 03-11-10, 12:27 PM
just another gosling
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Hit a tree backcountry skiing - no helmet. Broken skull, associated balance and hearing problems. It turns out that the only people who wear helmets around here while backcountry skiing are those who have had head injuries.

While trying to recover from that, I went alpine skiing (I can ski and bike better than I can walk) on a very fast day and did some horrible thing to my back. Probably something to do with the facets. My legs were much stronger than my back - I just pulled more g's than it could take. I just figured out what the problem is, or probably is. The medical community won't diagnose back injuries. I've started taking 1500mg of glucosamine and MSM and in just a few days am already off the ibuprofen I've been taking for the past 2 months.

Luckily neither of these injuries has completely stopped me from biking, but I had to cut it way back for a while. I've lost what's supposed to be my winter conditioning and am starting over - and making progress. Yea for biking, the best doctor there is!

I'm going to pass on the 200k this weekend, but maybe I can be ready for the 300k in a couple more weeks.

I bought a ski helmet. Wow, are they nice!
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Old 03-11-10, 10:43 PM
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I crashed on my commute home in Jan. Broken collarbone and concussion (overnight hospital stay). It sounds like my brain wasn't quite as abused as Carbonfiberboy (I hope your symptoms are gone).

3 weeks later, underwent surgery to put a plate on my collarbone. The plate cost just under 5k. 5 screws were nearly $500.

I just took my third ride this year today.

It's hard to see, but the helmet was cracked through from the impact. There was quite a bit of helmet shaved off as I slid down the road, unconscious.
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