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bobthib 06-09-13 11:37 AM

Another feather in the cap of our little Tri Training group!
I decided to post this here since is stands as a testimony to group training.

Last week I mentioned how well our little informal Tri training group did in the Motivation Man Triathlon in West Palm Beach. Well this week we only had one of our team racing, but he got 1st place in the Male Master's Overall! I'm really impressed with the record our group is amassing this season. Not bad for a group of guys and gals that get together and ride, swim and run together on a fairly regular but informal basis. A shout out has to go to our "Coach" Eddie Bernal who runs the master's swim class that we attend. He also gives us advice on our bike and run training, and keeps us motivated.

I'm feeling a little left out as I volunteered at last week's tri, and passed on today's Mack Cycle Trilogy Triathlon to do the Mystic Force Charity Ride for Children's Cancer. Being a cancer survivor myself, cancer rides hold a special place in my heart. Today's was even more important as it was dedicated to the memory of Sal, a 11 y/o boy who lost his battle with Neuroblastoma. That' the same form of childhood cancer that my grandson "Iron Man" Tyler had over 4 years ago. He's been cancer free for almost 48 months. He would have ridden with me today on the tandem, but he had a family event that conflicted.

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