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CanadianBiker32 06-23-13 11:02 PM

Subway Sandwich good source of Carbs ?
I was wondering. I have a big event coming up of a long endurance event of over 6 hours + riding time.

Would it be an ok choice to get a sandwich from a Subway the evening before the event? would that type of food be considered decent carbs for in an endurance event?

Thanks I know this is odd question. But where i am going to be will have limited food choices for dinner.

gitarzan 06-23-13 11:04 PM

Ask Jared.

Carbonfiberboy 06-24-13 09:10 AM

OP must not have google on his computer. I mean, really! Do your own research. Don't use us for a crutch.

Tober1 06-24-13 09:41 AM

More importantly - eat what you're used to. Don't go messing with your standard meals.
If you eat Subway regularly and it sits well, then you're probably good to go. Most of the carb will be the bread.

It's definitely not high quality food, but I'm sure it'd do ya.

ericm979 06-24-13 12:00 PM

I have done well in endurance events about that length after a Subway veggie sandwich the night before.
Adding some protein is not a bad idea.

But it kind of depends on what sandwich you get. The nutrition varies greatly across their menu.

Machka 06-25-13 01:55 AM

Do some research:

MEversbergII 06-25-13 08:16 PM

Lay off the bread. There are better carb sources. Try some baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon. It's -awesome-.


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