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jnobles 12-04-13 07:01 AM

Nutrition after work and before training
I work 8-4:30 m-f and train three days of that after work. I have breakfast and lunch with snacks in between. My question is what do you do to make sure you have the energy to train after you get off work. (i.e. do you eat different in the afternoon on training days?)

robabeatle 12-04-13 07:26 AM

Eat some carbs and a little protein about 1.5 - 2 hours before you train.

Carbonfiberboy 12-04-13 12:14 PM

200-300 calories of that is about right for me, depending on workout and weight goals.

531Aussie 12-29-13 12:03 PM

We're not all the same (obviously); some people can, and prefer to, race flat-out with a belly full of food, while others (such as me), need a pretty-much empty stomach. Then I suppose there are some in between.
Experiment to find what works for you. In my opinion, for a late afternoon ride, eating breakfast and lunch is enough.

Looigi 12-29-13 02:57 PM

Yes. I will eat before riding. I'll try to eat more 2 to 1.5 hrs before. If I don't have that amount of time, I'll eat some easy to digest carbs. Is eating analogous to taking nutrition?

bmontgomery87 12-30-13 06:31 AM

It depends on the training I'm doing, intensity, etc.

But typically on a day when I know I'm doing something rather challenging, I just eat a lot more at lunch and have a snack before leaving work. I train better when I've eaten within an hour or two.

DataJunkie 12-30-13 08:33 AM

It depends on the workout goal. Higher intensity workouts I eat a bit extra a couple hours before and immediately after the workout. Endurance or recovery work under 2 hours I do not eat before or after. Low intensities fit fine within my normal eating.

rumrunn6 01-17-14 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by robabeatle (Post 16299626)
Eat some carbs and a little protein about 1.5 - 2 hours before you train.

+1, but I would add a small box of raisins or a banana within 15 minutes of the training

sprince 01-17-14 08:08 PM

If you are on the 9-5 grind or similar you might be 5+ hours past your last meal when you workout. A small meal around 5 pm makes all the difference for me. Snacking in between meals is fine for sitting at your desk, but I find something more substantial is better for getting the most out of a workout at 6-7 pm.

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