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psee 01-09-14 02:25 AM

Crosstrainer for winter training?
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Trying to get in some kind of acceptable shape and not having to start over from scratch in spring. Previous years i have pretty much taken a break in December to take up on riding again in April. I'm 6ft and 150 lbs, so no weight that need to be trimmed off. But i've spent like 10 hours a day behind a computer for the last 8 or so years and no real physical activities before i got into cycling, so my overall fitness is quite bad and i have to struggle a lot with rides longer than 120km.

I have a lot of friends in better shape than me, and i would love to be able to keep up with their pace on some longer planned rides this summer.

We recently got a Crosstrainer and i was wondering if doing 30-45 mins a day on high intensity would be a resonable replacement for riding on rollers/trainer or a spinning bike at the gym.

I've also found out that rotating the smaller bars to a horizontal position gives me a similar feel to riding a TT bike :thumb:

Machka 01-09-14 02:42 AM

Better than taking a break between December and April.

Fat Boy 01-09-14 10:53 AM

Kettlebells, FTW.


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