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edwardlui531 01-23-14 05:46 PM

Cycleops trainer skewer
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recently bought a second hand cycleops fluid 2 trainer that doesn't come with a skewer. However, the one that is one my bike looks almost identical with the cycleops one, wonder what your's looks like when it is on the trainer. Mine looks like this when it is on close position thank you

hamster 01-24-14 03:28 AM

Mine looks essentially the same, I can post a photo tomorrow if you want.

edwardlui531 01-24-14 04:53 PM

I am assume the skewer will go in more till the lever is touching the trainer
anyways thank you, it would be nice if you can post a picture

hamster 01-24-14 07:04 PM

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It goes in deeper, but I don't think it makes much difference in practice. Neither the skewer nor the trainer arm are going to spin. The important part is that the diameter of the skewer closely matches the diameter of the opening in the trainer, so that the bike does not wobble when you're pedaling.

edwardlui531 01-27-14 04:47 PM

It doesn't wabble but just for safety issue, i am getting a new one anyways, thank you

Gramercy 01-28-14 12:46 PM

You can go to your LBS and get a trainer specific skewer for like 8 bucks. They are thicker than the stock skewers that come with your bike/wheels. That's what I did as I also got a used trainer and it didn't come with a skewer.

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