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Shepp30 02-01-14 11:24 PM

Perineum Friendly Saddle/Seat?
Hi All,

Recently purchased a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine to keep some bike fitness over the winter. I have been looking for a winter saddle/seat for the bike that will take pressure off the perineum and give the butt the break it usually gets over winter. Have been considering the Adamo, Selle SMP as well as the alternatives, the Seat, Hobson Easy Seat and ISM Sport Seat etc. Just wondering if anyone has tried any of these or something similar...and what your experience was like.

PS...I ride a Brooks B17 during the season - I'm not sure that a simple cut out saddle ie...Selle Anatomica or Brooks Imperial will provide the pressure free ride that I am looking for while on the trainer.

Thanks Shepp30

lsberrios1 02-01-14 11:32 PM

While I've never tried it, this seems to be the largest cut out in a seat ever.. It probably works.

Shepp30 02-02-14 10:15 AM

Nice looking saddle...a bit on the expensive side for the winter trainer. I am leaning heavily toward trying the Rido R2..
Relatively inexpensive and getting rave reviews. It is hideous looking but it will be reserved to the trainer in the bedroom. I haven't found anyone that has ridden it that gave it a bad review.

Spld cyclist 02-02-14 01:02 PM

I have a LBS that will let you try and return saddles. Maybe look for a shop like that that has a good variety of different types?

There are some fairly conventional saddles that don't pressure the perineum, but it partly depends on everyone's particular biology. When I say "fairly conventional", I would include saddles that have typical cutouts and padding (i.e. not extremely large cutouts or raised padding).

I think you can tell pretty quickly if a given saddle will be good or bad in this respect. Whether it will be comfortable over the long haul is harder to tell, but I don't think I've used one where perineum pressure changed as the saddle got broken in.

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