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Astrozombie 04-06-14 08:04 PM

Thanks for reminding me TC! I just got back from a 3hr walk and haven't had my shake!

I use Optimum Nutrition protein and multi-vitamin

Dave Cutter 04-06-14 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by EthanYQX (Post 16647798)
36 hours a week for me. Don't really care how much harder than me you work, it's not relevant to the topic at hand.

If you've got a reasonably demonstrable reason not to use protein shakes for extra calories, go ahead and offer it up, but a bunch of stuff about your priorities isn't really relevant to the question at hand.

We disagree. I never thought working, playing, raising, belonging to clubs... and so on... was decent reason to give up some of the simplest joys in life. Period.

Being busy is a good thing! Only means your living life to it's fullest... I respect and admire that. But a big part of enjoying life also means holding your child, kissing your spouse, calling your mother, talking with a friend, enjoying a nice meal... or even a cup of coffee. It doesn't offend me if you forget to enjoy even the simplest little joys in life.... but you won't get two chances.

That isn't me "being be a preachy knob".... it's just the way things are. And BTW.... I took time management training myself. It was helpful. Hope your knee recovers OK.

EthanYQX 04-06-14 08:28 PM

I get what you're saying but it's still far from the original topic. There's some validity to the idea of having an identity outside the sport, even for top level athletes (which I am not). I'd still rather win. Winning makes me happy.

Whole food is obviously better, both nutritionally and for psych reasons. Extra calories/protein, shakes are great because they're easy to keep consistent.

The knee is a recurring thing, a week or so of rehab should fix it, thanks.

Weatherby 04-06-14 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by AGoodleyUK (Post 16483282)
Hello guys,

So as the title suggests, anyone using whey protein shakes after their rides?

My goal is to get stronger (obviously) and have faster recovery times. For the record, I plan to do 45 miles a day for my training.

Never after a ride.

Sometimes in the morning.

That crap is bad for your teeth, like cement.

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