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CanadianBiker32 03-17-14 07:19 PM

Is it too much doing two 100 mile mt bike events close together?
I like to ask . Would it be too much for someone to do two
100 mile Mt bike events within exactly one week of each other

That is each event is both on a Saturday exactly one week apart.

Would doing the second 100 miler of mt bike race - be too much. as in not proper or fully recovered? or possible to still ride 2nd one at full potential?

As I do find I recover good after just a short while still one or 2 days off bike? suggestions please?

Carbonfiberboy 03-17-14 09:26 PM

Pros ride major races that close together. Randonneurs frequently ride 200k road rides on successive weekends. My system for a tight recovery is to ride my rollers in zone 1 for between 1/2 and 1 hour, depending on how I feel, every evening, starting with the day after the first event. Toward the end of the week, I might do a couple intervals, or not, again depending. I watch my morning resting and standing HR to gauge my recovery for the next event.

achoo 03-18-14 12:35 AM

With a week in between, you'll be fine.

I'd recommend a day or two off after the first one, and then again before the second one.

The exact amount off depending on your normal ride schedule. If you normally do 70-milers on the days you'll be doing 100-milers, not much change at all. If you normally do 15 milers on those days, take more time off.

JimF22003 03-18-14 01:07 AM

I went for stretch of 34 consecutive weeks last year where I did at least one 100 mile ride a week. None of these were races, but some of them were pretty hard efforts.

hobkirk 03-19-14 05:07 PM

I rode two road centuries on two consecutive weekends in my 4th month cycling. But I rode a lot - 4700 miles in my first 7 months - and I had several 50-60 mile rides leading up. I did not have any problem other than tiredness. Two different courses (the second had significantly more hills), two different bikes (my Roubaix through eBay arrived 3 days before the second century), and my average speed was identical.

I've never done long MTB rides so I don't know if that would change the equation.

I did not ride much for the several days before the first one or in the in-between week. But that's what works for me, and is contrary to traditional coaching advice. I used to be a distance runner, and I always liked arriving at the start line eager to run - I didn't even do much warm up - I would warm up during the first few minutes of the race.

Good luck and enjoy.

robabeatle 03-19-14 05:24 PM

It should not be a problem. Listen to your body after the first race and ride accordingly during that week.

Zero7 03-19-14 06:59 PM

You should be good, but you definitely need to get out on the bike a couple of days after the first one, and get your legs moving again. Some spinning, and after a couple of days a couple of short intervals.

And good luck to you - the farthest I've ever gone in a solo MTB race was 77 miles, and it was HARD :)


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