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bbbean 03-21-14 09:13 PM

PAncakes vs Bagel
Morning of race, 1-2 hours before race. Loading up on carbs. Which is better? Bagel with lox and cream cheese or pecan pancakes with syrup?

koolerb 03-21-14 09:15 PM

I'm gonna say pancakes just because I don't think you can get a good bagel in Missouri.

gregf83 03-21-14 09:57 PM

I like french toast & maple syrup. It's all good.

Depends on the race. I wouldn't that before a crit but for a road race or longer race it should be fine.

Fat Boy 03-21-14 10:22 PM

Neither is a particularly good breakfast, but if you're eating pancakes, then, for the love of God, use real maple syrup.

Carbonfiberboy 03-21-14 11:49 PM

Make that 2-3 hours. I'd go with the pancakes. Too much fat in your other choice.

Machka 03-22-14 12:26 AM

Whichever you know you can stomach before a race. You will have experimented with these choices before challenging training rides, of course, so which one worked better for you.

BigAura 03-22-14 05:25 AM

Whole grain pancakes & real maple syrup = rocket fuel

Eat least two hours before.

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