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billnuke1 04-02-14 06:08 PM

Anybody else lovin' their Total Gym?
I'm over 50 years old and over 200lbs! 60 and 209! I rode quite a bit this winter despite the weather. Then it just got too cold and windy and I slowed down to almost no riding. I do pest control and worked all winter. All stairs are done two at a time with a lot of squats, too! Now that I am working again I have excess energy at the end of the day! The garage is full of bikes and the cable weight system, speed bag, and punching bags are unavailable!
I dragged the Total Gym from it's dark corner...older heavier, too! I almost had to go to the 'net to see how to set it up! I took a few moments to wipe off the protective layer of dust!
I ran through all the exercises that I remembered...I used to add 80lbs! Not this time! Great, fun workout machine!
So, anybody got one of these?

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