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jeff3069 05-13-14 08:24 AM

eliminate drinks containing sodium ascorbate ?
Hi all,

considering the approach that Vit.C based antioxidants are actually not good for cycling performance,

Would you think that drinks containing sodium ascorbate / ascorbic acid (Vit. C) should be eliminated ?

Thanks!! Ride safely :)

MEversbergII 05-13-14 09:16 AM

Why would Vit C not be good?


jeff3069 05-13-14 09:51 AM

Originally Posted by MEversbergII (Post 16754547)
Why would Vit C not be good?


It is said recently that high dose vitamin C/antioxidants may impair training adaptation. studies are available on the internet

MEversbergII 05-13-14 10:19 AM

Ah, yes.


OldTryGuy 05-13-14 01:22 PM

Glass of OJ is not a high dose.

Carbonfiberboy 05-13-14 03:55 PM

Ah yes, the interwebs. I've tried it both ways with a 1g/day vitamin C supplement, didn't notice a difference. I think the effect, one way or the other, is too small to notice in a well-trained cyclist.

jeff3069 05-13-14 11:25 PM

Thanks Carbonfinerboy and OldTryGuy.

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